GØGGS is an indie supergroup.

Lead by prolific Ty Segall on bass, guitar and production, Ex-Cult Chris Shaw provides vocals and Fuzz drummer Charles Moothart adds the backbeat.


“She Got Harder” rocks!


Aaron Maine records under the name Porches.

Pool is his official 2nd album, but the first to gain prominence.

Listen to the yearning melancholy in his voice on the songs “Underwater” and “Be Apart”, the latter featuring backing vocals and basslines from his girlfriend Greta Kline a.k.a Frankie Cosmos.



“Be Apart”


Oedipus is currently diving in MicronesiaJonathan L and previous posts shall tide you over until he surfaces.



Husky is an indie folk 4-piece out of Melbourne, Australia.

Last year they won a best unsigned band radio contest in their home country and subsequently signed to Sub Pop Records.

Forever So is their impressive debut.

Listen to “History’s Door” and download for free.