Cat Power

Cat Power and Lana Del Rey. Together. Enough said.

From Cat’s forthcoming album Wanderer the song “Woman”, from two of my favorite.

“Woman” (featuring Lana Del Rey)

The Regrettes

In January we discussed Hamildrops, songs from the monumental musical Hamilton, covered by various artists, one song released each month.

The Regrettes, the L.A. punk band, recently contributed their version of “Helpless”.


Freya Ridings

The voice of London-based singer and pianist Freya Ridings will dazzle you.

“Ultraviolet”, from her forthcoming debut album.



Singer, rapper, writer, Dessa hails from Minneapolis and a member of the indie hip-hop collective Doomtree.

Her 3rd solo album Chime includes the pointed song “Fire Drills”.

“Fire Drills”

Dear Rouge

Dear Rouge is the Canadian electronic husband and wife duo Drew and Danielle McTaggart.

“Live Through the Night” grooves from their latest album Phases.

“Live Through the Night”


grandson is a young musician out of Toronto via New Jersey.

He sings:

“you poisoned me just for another dollar in your pocket”

in his powerful song “Blood//Water”.


Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot, punk Russian provocateurs, invaded the field during the final match of the World Cup to protest the continual oppression in their country.

Arrested and now sentenced to jail, the band released a video and their demands:

1. Free Oleg Sentsov and other political prisoners.
2. Don’t put people in jail for likes and reposts.
3. Stop mass arrests at political rallies.
4. Stop fucking with Navalny.
5. Stop imprisoning so many people for 228 article of Criminal code (drug offenses).
6. Cancel 282 article of Russian Criminal code (“extremism”, one of the main political criminal articles)
7. Freedom of speech and expression in Russia.
8. Give a federal TV-channel to an activist media outlet “Mediazona” (

The song “Track About a Good Cop” contrasts a mythical “heavenly cop” who fights for the people and the “earthly cop” who suppresses them.

*repeat repeat

Nothing like a little surf rock during the heat of summer.

*repeat repeat, just the beach pop that we need.

Nashville-based but with the spirit of the coasts, Floral Canyon, their 2nd album, came out last year but is now garnering justified attention.

“Everybody’s Falling in Love”

Mondo Cozmo

Mondo Cozmo, the Philly/L.A. singer/songwriter, was originally known as Joshua Keith Ostrander.

His new EP is entitled after my namesake.

What better way to return from my travels than with “Your Motherfucker”.

“Your Motherfucker”


Mitski Miyawaki, known simply as Mitski, is an iconoclastic Japanese-American singer/songwriter.

Be the Cowboy will be her 5th album including her unusual love song “Geyser”.


Arctic Monkeys

5 years later we now have a new Arctic Monkeys album.

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is a gorgeous new direction for the band and to my ear a very Bowiesque turn.

Listen here to the first track “Star Treatment” (with a classic line “I just wanted to be one of the Stokes, now look at the mess you made me make…”) and the new single “Four Out of Five”.

“Star Treatment”

“Four Out of Five”

Nina K

Nina Kinert is a Swedish singer/songwriter not yet well-known in America.

On her lovely new song “Chapped Lips” she teams up with Samuel T. Herring, the distinctive voice of the band Future Islands.

“Chapped Lips”

(Jonathan L is on vacation this Monday.)

Childish Gambino

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has just given us one of the most chilling videos in years.

Truly, “This is America”.

PJ Harvey/Jon Parish

Longtime collaborators PJ Harvey and Jon Parish duet together on Parish’s forthcoming solo album Big Dog Dante.

“Sorry For Your Loss” is a mournfully lovely tribute to their mutual friend, the late Sparklehorse frontman Mark Linkous.

“Sorry For Your Loss”

Snail Mail

Snail Mail will release her debut album, Lush, in June.

The solo project of Baltimore’s Lindsey Jordan, we have 2 songs in anticipation.

“Heat Wave”


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