Shit Robot

Marcus Lambkin is the Irish electronic musician calling himself Shit Robot.

His hypnotic new song, “OB-8”, is named after the vintage analog synthesizer dating from 1983.

Shit Robot


Bob Moses

Bob Moses is a Canadian electronic duo based in Brooklyn.

Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance
attended high school together in Vancouver. Howie went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, Vallance to producing dance music.

The two accidently reconnected in New York and formed Bob Moses, the name a tribute to Robert Moses, a major New York City urban planner responsible for many of the iconic bridges and expressways in the City, not to mention Shea Stadium.

Days Gone By is their debut including the song “Tearing Me Up”.

Bob Moses

“Tearing Me Up”


It’s been 4 years since we last heard from Yeasayer.

Brooklyn’s experimental foursome offer their 4th album, Amen & Goodbye, on April 1st.

“I Am Chemistry” is a pre-release.


“I Am Chemistry”


Warpaint bassist and singer/songwriter Jenny Lee Lindberg has a solo debut.

Referring to her solo self as jennylee, the album right on! features the song “boom boom”.

Jenny Lee

Methyl Ethel

Methyl Ethel, a trio from Perth, will emerge from Down Under in 2016.

Their debut album Oh Inhumane Spectacle made a splash in Australia last year.

The song “Twilight” will move them beyond their home shores.

Methyl Ethel

“Twilight Driving”


ON AND ON, hail from Minneapolis.

This trio released their 2nd album And The Wave Has Two Sides, last year.

It is only now getting the attention that it deserves.

Listen here to the soft beauty of ”Icon Love”.


“Icon Love”

School of Seven Bells

Sadly, SVIIB will be the final album from School of Seven Bells, a band I was so fond of.

What began as a trio with twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza and Benjamin Curtis, transformed into a duo when Claudia left in 2010.

Tragically Benjamin died of lymphoma in 2013.

is the abbreviation for School of Seven Bells and Curtis did complete his parts before becoming sick.

“Open Your Eyes” from the album coming next month.


“Open Your Eyes”

Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run is a Montreal quartet who released their 2nd album, Sun Leads Me On, late last year.

Compelling harmonies on the new single “Turn Your Love”.

Half Moon Run

“Turn Your Love”


Like yesterday, another wonderful trio led by a female vocalist.

Daughter hail from London. Not To Disappear, due shortly, will be their 2nd.

“Numbers”, the new single, is gorgeous.

LDe_2015__178, 27/09/2015, 15:10,  8C, 6000x5980 (0+1377), 100%, Oct 5th -2013 ,   1/8 s, R43.1, G22.1, B44.7


Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean, a young trio based in Brooklyn, debut with their album Human Ceremony next month.

A band to watch.

“Easier Said” is the lead track.

Sunflower Bean

“Easier Said”


Hinds is a Spanish female garage quartet based in Madrid.

Once known as Deers, they had to change their name due to a previous trademark.

Hinds (female deer) just released their debut album Leave Me Alone featuring the single “Garden”.



David Bowie

David Bowie, a personal inspiration, hero and friend.

I was fortunate to travel Japan with him in 1992 while he was in the conglomeration Tin Machine. His insight made the country even more special.

This photo is from my private collection. I snapped it during an intimate conversation in a hotel room in Tokyo.

David will live on forever. He is “Lazarus”.


“Lazarus” from Blackstar

Christmas Eve

My Christmas Eve Broadcast is tonight on WGBH, 89.7 FM in Boston and worldwide.

This is your alternative Christmas, music rarely or ever heard save once a year. (6 pm-Midnight)

Not exactly a Christmas song but it should be. From Human Sexual Response “Land of the Glass Pinecones”

Merry Christmas

Glass Pinecone

Christmas Eve

Preparing for my annual Christmas Eve show, this year on WGBH, 89.7 FM and

6 pm-Midnight.

In the meantime, enjoy this beauty from Beta Radio.


“Winter Eclipse”

Bloc Party

Bloc Party, the English Indie quartet, released their debut album in 2005.

After 4 albums, touring and a variety of side projects, the band has reformed with two new members.

Hymns is due in the New Year which will feature the compelling first single “The Love Within”.

Bloc Party

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