Fight the Power

Public Enemy rejuvenate their classic “Fight the Power”.

Recreated for the 2020 BET Awards, Chuck D and Flavor Flav reunite and are joined by Nas, Rhapsody, YG, Jahi and the Roots’ Questlove and Black Thought with updated lyrical content.

“Fight the Power”


The British punk band Idles call to action with their new song “Grounds”.  

“I raise my pink fist and say black is beautiful

Do you hear that thunder?

That’s the sound of strength in numbers”



Public Enemy

Public Enemy reemerges just when we need them.

The new song “State of the Union (STFU)” is a free download from their website.

“State of the Union (STFU)”



Muzz, a new supergroup of sorts with Paul Banks (Interpol), Josh Kaufman (Bonny Light Horseman), and Matt Barrick (The Walkmen) debut with Muzz, the album.

The cleverly titled “Knuckleduster” is one of the songs.


Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters

Tanya Donelly, solo artist and star of monumental bands such as Throwing Muses, The Breeders and Belly, has teamed up with the Parkington Sisters, a trio from Cape Cod.

An album of covers is scheduled for August. Expect songs by Leonard Cohen, Kirsty MacColl, Echo & The Bunnymen, Wings, Pretenders, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Linda Rondstadt, and Split Enz.

Here they perform “Automatic” by the Go-Gos.  


Machine Gun Kelly

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly and drummer Travis Barker just recorded a blistering cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name”.

The original from 1991, now timelier than ever.

“Killing in the Name”


Squid, a young punk quintet out of Brighton (UK), gives us a song appropriate for isolation.

Scream along to “Sludge”.    


Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys, Boston’s pride, debuted a hilarious new single Saturday Night when they streamed a live concert at Fenway Park sans audience in the stands, all to benefit Boston Resiliency Fund, Habitat For Humanity Greater Boston, and Feeding America. Bruce Springsteen made a special guest appearance.

Hear and watch “Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding”.  

“Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding”


The 1975

The 1975, the pop rock Manchester quartet, continue to push the boundaries.

The opening track of their latest (4th) album Notes on a Conditional Form is simply entitled “The 1975” and is a call to arms from Greta Thunberg.

Yes, we are in the midst of a pandemic but as the virus eases we still face the destruction of our planet. We must act now or witness a disaster so much worse than Covid-19.    

“The 1975” with Greta Thunberg

Kate NV

Kate Shilonosova the Moscow-based electronic songstress records as Kate NV.

Room for the Moon, her 3rd, contains fascinating experimental pop as heard on “Sayonara” and “Plans”.   





Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks, a 19-year old Londoner, dropped a new single “Eugene” where she explores complicated feelings and ambiguous relationships in her hazy indie pop R&B style.    



Arca, the inventive Venezuelan producer/musician/songwriter/DJ, has a new record, KiCk i, forthcoming in July.

“Time” is heavenly.


Ben Watt

Ben Watt, DJ, producer and one-half of the duo Everything But the Girl, also writes commanding songs as a solo artist as heard on “Figures in the Landscape”, so pertinent during these trying times.

In his own words: “I wrote it in a period of personal crisis and political upheaval. The random nature of both can leave you feeling insignificant, lacking agency in the world, but in the end I guess you have a simple choice: to get up and celebrate what you have, or get out and take issue with it.”

“Figures in the Landscape” from Storm Damage

Jess Williamson

Jess Williamson hails from Texas but now call’s Los Angeles home.

Her 4th album, Sorceress, includes the stunningly gorgeous song “Wind on Tin”.

“Wind on Tin”


jackie takes its name from Jackie Mohr, the singer and leader of this Toronto– based trio.

New at Drugs is their debut EP.

Listen to the song ‘Unspun” as well as the title track.


“New at Drugs”

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