Beth Orton

Endearing British singer/songwriter Beth Orton’s new album will be called Kidsticks.

“1973” has a bouncy melody as Twin Shadow provides the guitar.

Beth Orton



Bryde is the solo project of Sarah Howells.

She’s been part of the Welsh duo Paper Aeroplanes since 2009, but has set out on her own.

The EP Chocolate & Nectar includes the song “Wait”. Simply stunning.




The band Garbage have recorded off and on since 1993.

Through all these years the band has maintained the original lineup of Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig, four terrific people.

Strange Little Birds will be their 6th studio album.

“Empty” is the first single.




In 1996, I was invited to Paisley Park to hear Emancipation.

Prince was finally free of his prohibitive recording contract with Warner Brothers Records, thus the title of the album, a 3-record set.

It was his first recording to include covers of songs he loved. He told me that he wished that he had written “One of Us”, a hit by Joan Osbourne.

In this song, he famously changed the lyrics “What if God was one of us / Just a slob like one of us” to “…Just a slave like one of us”.



BISHOP is a new singer/songwriter out of Los Angeles.

She has only given us two songs. Both marvelous. Cannot wait for more.

Listen to them both:



“Wild Horses”


This week have we have spotlighted aether the 40 song, 4 album set from HUMANWINE.

It is rare that we are blessed with such a powerful artistic masterwork. Contrary to our short instant fulfilment lifestyle, each album, which represents one of the four classical elements, should be listened to straight through.

We have violated this tenant this week with a song from each element.

Today is air.

HUMANWINE - aether- aer - cover

“White Lead” from aether: aer.


We are featuring one of the great releases this year, aether by HUMANWINE. Today is day 3 and the third classical element is ignis.

The song “Zero Gravity” is from fire.

HUMANWINE - aether- ignis - cover

“Zero Gravity” from aether: ignis


We continue to explore the monumental 40 song, 4 album set from HUMANWINE that we began yesterday.

Each album is a classical element and today is earth.

HUMANWINE - aether- terra - cover

“Bismuth” from aether: terra


In the era of the song, HUMANWINE, the dynamic Boston/New England duo, have released aether, a 4 album set!

Holly Brewer, the iconoclastic gregarious tribal-tattooed ethereal singer/songwriter, has one of those voices descended from the heavens in the company of Lisa Gerrard, Elizabeth Fraser and Bjork.

The reclusive M@ McNiss provides the accompaniment.

Self-produced and crowdfunded, aether is nothing short of a small masterpiece.

Released on a flash drive in a small bottle, the 40 songs are divided into four parts, four elements: terra, aqua, aer, ignis.

Although each element should be heard in its entirety, we will present 1 song from each album the next 4 days.

Beginning today with “Gyre” from aether: aqua.

HUMANWINE - aether- aqua - cover



Old friend Moby has recorded 4 hours of ambient music.

Perfect for yoga, sleep or simply calm.

And it is FREE.

Download here.


A sample from Long Ambients 1: calm, sleep.


Eagulls is a young five-piece out of Leeds.

Their 2nd album, Ullages, includes a song I’ve had on repeat:



Broods is Georgia and Caleb Nott, the sister/brother team from New Zealand.

They made a splash with their debut Evergreen in 2014.

“Free” is a new song.



Frankie Cosmos

Singer-songwriter Frankie Cosmos, also known as Ingrid Superstar, is the daughter of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates.

Her 2nd album Next Thing comes out today.

Here are 2 from the album.

Frankie Cosmos

“On the Lips”

“Floated In”

Primal Scream

Like many of the bands of the post-punk 80s, Primal Scream has had innumerable line-up changes with the singer, Bobby Gillespie, as the constant.

The band continues to change their sound, not content to dwell in the past. This album includes assistance from Sky Ferreira and Haim.

“Trippin’ on Your Love” is from their 11th and latest album Chaosmosis.

Primal Scream

“Trippin’ on Your Love”


Multi-dimensional artist M.I.A. is working on her new album Matahdatah.

As both an activist and a musician, she is an inspiration.

“Borders”, her song about the migrant and refugee crisis, will be included.



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