Last year we spotlighted the Girls EP Broken Dreams Club.

The second full-length Girls album, Father Son, Holy Ghost is due in September.

This San Francisco duo is now a full band and they have given us a free song from the forthcoming album.

It’s a long slow-building heartbreak love song with the unlikely title “Vomit” and a sound reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Yes, Free Vomit.

The Kooks

The Kooks, the Brit-pop band from Brighton, England, will release their third album, Junk of the Heart, in September.

The title track with the parenthetical “Happy” is pure pop for a summer’s day.

“Junk of the Heart (Happy)”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

In June, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah gave us the song “Same Mistake” from their forthcoming Hysterical album.

Now this Brooklyn quintet give us “Maniac”, another free download from their website.

Washed Out

I’m loving the new Washed Out album, Within and Without.

We featured the first single, “Eyes Be Closed” here early in the month.

Another gorgeous song from the album, “Amor Fati”, is free download from Sub Pop.

St. Vincent

St. Vincent

St. Vincent, the moniker of Annie Erin Clark, has given us two marvelous albums.

Her third, Strange Mercy, is due in September.

The former Polyphonic Spree member, offers a free download of the new single “Surgeon” from her website.



Nevermind, the Nirvana album that helped define a generation, will mark its 20th anniversary in September.

In celebration and to honour its brilliance, Spin has compiled a free tribute album of contemporary artists performing the 13 tracks in original song sequence.

Meat Puppets, Titus Andronicus, the Vaselines, EMA and dear friend Amanda Palmer are a few of the artists included.

Download the album via Spin’s Facebook page and listen now to Amanda’s version of “Polly”. She does have a way with a cover song: thoughtful, respectful, insightful.

She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge released their third album, Valleyheart, in May.

Justin Warfield and “Adam 12” Bravin are the duo from Los Angeles that is the band.

Their sound, sometimes referred to as Darkwave, has the power of Joy Division and the synth-pop dancebeat of Depeche Mode.

“Must be the One “was the first single and the video can be seen in the YouTube button above top right.

“Take the World” is the new single.

Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls

Last year’s Dum Dum Girls charming debut album was followed by the infectious He Gets Me High EP.

Their second album, Only in Dreams, will be available in late September.

“Coming Down” is the first single and a free download from the band as is the pop brilliance “Bedroom Eyes”.

“Coming Down”

“Bedroom Eyes”

Tom Morello

Tom Morello is the Nightwatchman.

The Nightwatchman has been the former Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave guitarist’s acoustic alter-ego. But his forthcoming album World Wide Rebel Songs is full-on electric.

Politically impassioned, a powerful voice against injustice and a champion of the oppressed, he’s got our back.

“It Begins Tonight” is our first listen.

Blitzen Trapper

American Goldwing is the name of the forthcoming Blitzen Trapper album.

There is more of a country feel on this, their sixth album, as compared to last year’s Destroyer of the Void as heard here and here.

Mid-September is the slated release date by the Portland, Oregon quintet.

In the meantime, Sub Pop has a free download of the title track.

“American Goldwing”


EMA is short for Erika M. Anderson.

She moved from South Dakota to LA when she was eighteen, taught herself guitar and played in a couple of bands before going solo.

Her debut album is entitled Past Life Martyred Saints.

“California” is a single and video from the album. “Milkman” is a free download.


Washed Out

He calls himself Washed Out. His friends in Georgia know him as Ernest Greene.

His debut album, Within and Without, will be released next week with one of the most alluring jacket covers of the year.

The music is equally evocative and luxurious.

“Eyes Be Closed” is the single. Free from Sub Pop.

The Horrors

The Horrors, the quintet from England, prepare to release their third album, Skying, in August.

The Horrors’ sound certainly has matured since the raw post-punk stylings heard on their first record, The Horrors EP, in 2006 which included the song “Sheena is a Parasite”.

You can stream the entire Skying album on the band’s website.

“Still Life” is the richly rendered first single.


Wilco’s new album The Whole Story will be available late September.

This will be the first release on their own label dBpm Records.

“I Might” is the first single from the record.

The band debuted the song at Solid Sound, the annual music and arts festival that Wilco curates at Mass MOCA in North Adams, MA.


Björk’s new album Biophilia was composed partly on her iPad.

In collaboration with Apple, it will be the “first app album”, a multi-media extravaganza with each song corresponding to an individual app.

Discussing the Biophilia project on her website, Björk tells us that she researched “where music and nature meet, and structures in nature and structures in music and where they are similar and then going and writing the songs.”

“Crystalline” is our first taste of the music.