Matt and Kim

Combine a hefty portion of Matt & Kim and add a dose of Soulja Boy and Andrew W. K. and you conceive a catchy end of summer sing-a-long.

“I’m a Goner” is irresistible and also a free download courtesy of Converse.

I’m a goner as well. See you after holiday.

The Ettes

The Ettes

The Ettes, LA transplants that now call Nashville home, have just released their fourth album Wick Will.

The trio of Coco Hames (vocals/guitar), Poni Silver (drums), and Jem Cohen (bass) embody that raw carefree fearless spirit of punk rock.

“Excuse” is the current featured song from the album.

Best Coast

I associate summer with Best Coast. Last year’s “Boyfriend” helped define the summer of 2010.

This year we have we have “Gone Again” featured here in June.

Now Bethany and company give us “How They Want Me to Be”, a new song that she says will probably be re-recorded and included on the second album. Free download as well.

Plus, I’ve included the Drew Barrymore video for the song “Our Deal”.


Feist, the Canadian singer/songwriter, has readied her album, Metals, for release in September.

This is be her fourth studio album and her first since 2007’s award-winning The Reminder which included the smash hit “1234”.

Leslie Feist, born and raised in Canada, actually has duo Canadian/American citizenship as her father is American.

“How Come You Never Go There” is the first single from Metals.



Last year, Warpaint debuted with the album The Fool.

“Undertow” was the first savory single heard here in September from this all-female quartet from Los Angeles.

As the band continues to tour, they now feature the song named after themselves: “Warpaint”.

Mates of State

Last year Mates Of State gave of us Crushes, an album of some of their favorite cover songs.

They return in September with a LP (their seventh) of new material they call Mountaintops.

This husband/wife duo from Kansas offers a free download of the first single “Maracas”.

Is This It

It’s been ten years since The Strokes album, Is This It, debuted.

This seminal record catapulted New York City once again to the forefront of rock ‘n’ roll, something we hadn’t experienced since the early days of punk.

Stereogum has compiled a free tribute album celebrating Is This It, featuring such bands as Peter Bjorn and John, Real Estate, Owen Pallett, and the Morning Benders.

Like most tribute albums, the covers are hit or miss, versions of favorite songs worthy of deep praise or intense resentment.

I particularly like Frankie Rose’s rendition of “Soma”.

Lollapalooza 2011/Beirut

It’s Lollapalooza weekend in Chicago.

Perry Farrell’s vision is now 2O years old.

As usual the lineup is impressive and Spin is offering a free download of 14 of the performing bands such as Lykke Li, Foster the People, Black Lips, Titus Andronicus, the Mountain Goats and Ratatat.

Beirut, the Balkan folk indie-rock band from Santa Fe, led by Zach Condon, is included as well.

“East Harlem” is from Beirut’s recently released third album, The Rip Tide.

Neon Indian

Era Extraña will be the second Neon Indian album.

It translates from the Spanish as “Strange Era” or “She was Weird”.

Led by the Mexican-born Alan Palomo, we highlighted the song “Deadbeat Summer” last summer.

“Fallout” is a free download from the forthcoming recording.

Bon Iver

In May we featured the first single, “Calgary”, from Bon Iver’s stunning second album named after himself.

He is now offering another free download from Bon Iver, one of the best albums of the year.

Lose yourself in the beauty of “Holocene”.


M83 is French electronic musician Anthony Gonzalez.

He name derives from Messier 83, a barred spiral galaxy found in the Hydra constellation and visible with binoculars.

His sixth album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, a double LP, is expected in October.

“Midnight City” is free download from the M83 website.