Jack White

Jack White is so prolific it’s hard to believe that he has never released a solo album.

From The White Stripes, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs to his numerous collaborations, guest appearances and record production, the man has been a ubiquitous musical presence since The White Stripes debuted in 1999.

Blunderbuss will be the title of his solo album due in April.

“Love Interruption” is the first single.

Lopsided World of L

More new music from around the world from Jonathan L.

Lopsided World of L (Hour1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*One Black Orchid “Take A Pill”
*7Horse “Blackjack Moon”
*Neon Trees “Everybody Talks”
*Immortal Technique “Young Lords”
*Vaudeville & Bad Omens “If I Stayed Too Long Can
I Join Your Band’s Nighmares?”
*The Bees “Winter Rose” (Dan The Automator mix)
*Kasabian “Man Of Simple Pleasures”
Veva “H.E.R.”
*Rostam (Vampire Weekend) “Don’t Let It get To You”
*The Barbarellatones “The Legend Of Skunk Ape”
*All Mankind “Lover’s Song”
*Soft Pipes “Sleeper”
*Stephan Malkmus “12 Forever 28”
*Mighty Mighty Bosstones “The Package Store Petition”
The Real Tuesday Weld “You’re Going To Live”
*Indianna Dawn “I Always Miss You”
*Gary Numan “Big Noise Transmission”
*Wise Blood “Darlin’ You’re Sweet”
*Cyko Miko (Mike Muir) “Slightly”
*Michael Jasper “Partyworldwide”
*Cherri Bomb “The Pretender” (Foo Fighters cover)
*Brian Lopez “El Vagabundo”
*Endless Shame “Freakshow”
*Mind The Gap “Into The Cold”
*Felix Gortz “Lasst Mich”
*Doomtree “Beacon”
*Keep Schtum “Do It Anyway You Wanna”


Shearwater from Austin, Texas, was founded by former members of Okkervil River.

Jonathan Meiburg is the trio’s leader and his pure unmistakable voice is penetratingly irresistible.

We first spotlighted Shearwater here in 2010 upon the release of The Golden Archipelago.

Their 7th album, Animal Joy, is due on Valentine’s Day. “You As You Were” is a preview.

Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten’s 2010 album Epic was a showcase for her delicate yet powerful voice. We featured the song “Don’t Do It”.

Her new album Tramp is due in a couple of weeks, recorded with the help of some members of The National.

“Serpents” is the first single and a free download as well.

The Big Pink

The Big Pink is the British duo Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell.

They debuted in 2009 with A Brief History of Love featuring the wildly infectious misogynistic song “Dominos”.

They lifted an old skateboard advertisement, Future This, for the title of their new album.

“Hit the Ground (Superman)” is the current single.

Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs is an itinerant American singer/songwriter.

Last year he released two albums. The latter, his sixth, is entitled Humor Risk.

It contains this dark hypnotically beautiful song “The Same Thing”. (Free download)

“Like a ring gone down the drain
Our love in sunlight, at evening, pain
Like vermin Roman sewers bring
Pain and Love, oh yeah, are The Same Thing”

Lopsided World of L

Just about settled here in Asia for the winter. Jetlag is subsiding, the internet feed is adequate and we have a year of new music to look forward to.

Jonathan L offers his weekly broadcast. Tomorrow we’ll begin spotlighting individual artists.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*David Lynch “Good Day Today”
*Megadeth “Deadly Nightshade”
Girl In A Coma “Knocking At Your Door”
*Sola Rosa f/ Serocee “I’ve Tried Always”
*Rammstein “Mein Land”
*11 Acorn Lane “Le Sexe Au Telephone” (Do Me Do mix)
*Marya Roxx “Tie Your Mother Down”, (Queen cover)
*Gangrene f/ Prodigy “Dump Truck”
*White Apple Tree “Snowflakes”
*Lou Reed & Metallica “Brandenburg Gate”
Fernthal f/ Petra Arnott “Candle In the Sun”
*M83 “Echoes Of Mine”
*Sister Sin f/ Doro Pesche “Rock ‘N Roll” (Motorhead cover)
*7Horse “Low Fuel Drug Run”
*Panamah “Blickket Op Ad”
*Stanley Tall “What A Bitch”
*Immortal Technique f/
Cornel West, Cetan Wanbi & Lockjaw Nakai “Sign Of The Times”
*Lore “Love Has Gone”
*Absolute Body Control “Figures”
*Lonehill Estate “Gangsta”
*Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Sunday Afternoons On Wisdom Ave.”
*Shirley Levi “Re-Bel”
*Bash The Band “(Hey Kitty Kitty)”
*Mind The Gap “Fall”
*Childish Gambino “Hold You Down”
*Southerly “Sacrifice”
*Blonde On Blonde “Oh My, Oh My”
*The Trophy Fire “Chaos/Control”
*Felix Gortz “Du Und Dich”

Lopsided World of L

I’ve just arrived in Asia. As I get settled we turn to our weekly Monday podcast from Jonathan L.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)


Vargo f/ Dan Millman “Warriors”
Hands Up “Chocolate” (Latino version)
Mandasue Heller “Nothing To Say”
Bash The Band “Outcast”
Sintetico Minesterio “Nervosa”
Miss Crazy “Tear It Down”
Daybehavior “Silent Dawn”
La Sabrosa Sabrosura “Temperio”
Van Wolfen “Ich Glaube”
Curtis Casey “The Sh*t”
Miracle Flair “Ray Out Confidence”
Livan “Little White Lies”
Dornn “Love Bizzare”
Boogie Company “Dr Normann”
The Oscars “The Hutsut Song”
Tripp Smythe “Watching The World”
Endless Shame “The Reaper”
Fernthal “Believe In Love” (2011 second version)
Ugly Buggs “Sleepers”
Beautiful Things “Wonder Why”
Geminus “Gone”
David Philp “Right Out Of The Radio (Straight Into Your Heart)”

OWS: Our Lady Peace

If corporations were people many would be in jail for destroying so many American lives.

All true change in this country has come from the streets, from the first American Revolution to the Civil War to Civil Rights.

Occupy Wall Street is in this great tradition and what we experienced last year is only the beginning.
And hopefully, our musical artists, unlike their disgraceful silence during the Iraq War, will make themselves heard and once again sing for justice, equality and basic human rights.

OWS has grown into a global movement. Inequality is intercontinental. Our foray into the sounds of the protest begins with a band from North America. Our Lady Peace, from Toronto, encourages us to “Fight the Good Fight”.

(free download)

Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose is now a solo artist, no longer Frankie Rose and the Outs as featured here in 2010.

This Brooklyn-based darling will release Interstellar in Late February.

“Know Me” excites us for the album and a new year of new music. It’s also free from RCRDLBL.

2011 redux…Yuck

Before we move into the new year allow me to suggest the free download from Spin.

24 tracks from 2011 including Deer Tick, EMA, Fucked Up, Kurt Vile, Zola Jesus, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Phantogram, and Wild Flag, all heard here last year.

Also featured is Yuck, the quartet from London, who made their debut in 2011.

“Shook Down’ is from their self-titled LP.


We kick off the New Year with one look back.
It was an exciting year of new music. So many artists gave me pleasure as reflected in this website.
For the record, albums that enthralled me from beginning to end included:

Washed Out–Within and Without
Real Estate–Days
Dum Dum Girls–Only in Dreams
Lykke Li–Wounded Rhymes
St. Vincent–Strange Mercy

Here are Jonathan L’s favorites of 2011.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

Glasvegas “Euphoria, Take My Hand”
Headcat “American Beat”,
Kingdom Come “Blue Trees”

f/ Michael Bolton “Jack Sparrow”
“Watch Me Do Me” (interlude)
f/ Justin Timberlake “Motherlover”

“Time Of The Month”
“Me And Mr Wolf”
“It’s Time”(interlude)
“Tear Us Apart”
“The Hunt”

Movits “Sammy Davis Jr.” (Swedish version)
Superheavy “Miracle Worker”
Motopony “God Damned Girl”

“Hot Spot Junkie”
“Around The World”

The Heavenly States “Berlin Wall”
Fink “Berlin Sunrise”

“Fabulous Rant” (interlude)
“Baby Tell Me What I’m On”
“Talk To Me Baby”

“Last Name London”
“All Around The World”
“She’s Great” (interlude)
“I Stand Alone”
“Wine & Chocolates”

“I Hear Voices”
“Goodbye Kiss”
“Days Are Forgotten” (album version)

“Alles Aus”
“Patient A”
“Jiddisch Is A Zwillink”