Lopsided World of L

Mondays rock with Jonathan L.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Wideboy Generation “Sylvia”
*Wild Belle “Take Me Away”
*Vlad In Tears “The Black Cat”
*Malik Work & The Upstagers “Let Me See Some ID” (Nickodemus mix)
*Everything Goes Cold “The Iron Fist Of Just Destruction”
*Pond “Allergies”
*Stan Ridgway “Mr. Trouble”
*Speech Debelle “Collapse”
**Set of new Grand Duchy**
“White Out” (album version)
“Face” (Silverclub remix)
“Silver Boys” (radio edit)
“Let The People Speak” (Kentucky Prophet remix)**
Ministry “Double Tap” (replay)
*Animal Kingdom “Strange Attractor”
*Rebelution “Good Vibes”
*Eisbrecher “Exzess Express”
*Algir “Engines Forward”
James “Honest Joe” (1994)
*Mary Lou Lord “Metal Firecracker” (Lucinda Williams cover)
*Lowline “Disco Killers”
*Gorillaz f/ James Murphy and Andre 3000 “Do Ya Thing”
(Full 13-minute unedited version)
*Taproot “No Surrender”
Six Hour Sundown “Shadow Of My Past” (replay)
*Ceremony “Brace Yourself”
*Mona “The Tally”
*Atom Smash “2012 Baby”


Pennywise, one of the premier California punk bands, has been going strong since 1988.

On May 1st they will release their 10th album with new lead singer Zoli Téglás.

All or Nothing is the album title and a powerful first single as well.

“All or Nothing”


Tanlines is the duo Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm based in Brooklyn.

They began as producers and decided to form a band together.

Mixed Emotions is their debut album featuring the delightful song “All of Me”.

Beach House

Beach House

Beach House, the Baltimore duo of Alex Scally and French-born Victoria Legrand, release their 4th album in May.

“Norway” from 2010’s Teen Dream remains as one of the best songs from the last decade.

They continue with their richly beautiful music with the LP Bloom as heard on the first single “Myth”.

Best Coast

Best Coast is Bethany Cosentino with musical partner Bobb Bruno.

The Only Place will be their 2nd album and songwriter Bethany once again embraces pop melodies that always remind me of summer as she did with “Boyfriend” from 2010’s Crazy for You and in 2011 with Adult Swim’s “Gone Again”.

“The Only Place” is also the first single and a free download.

Lopsided World of L

Our weekly new music dose from Jonathan L

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World Of L (Hour 2)

*Nightwish “I Want My Tears Back”
*F**ked Up “Into The Light”
*Vlad In Tears “Mary”
*Laura Wilde “For You”
Foxy Shazam “Holy Touch” (replay)
*Ministry “Double Tap” (non radio edit)
*Mandasue Heller “Guilty”
*Oberhofer “Away From You”
*Eisbrecher “Die Holle muss Warten”
*Speech Debelle “Shawshank”
*One Model Nation “Transmission”
*One Model Nation “Universal Time”
*Redwood “Oh Yeah?”
*Trip To Dover “Where Was I”
*Shirley Levi “Daddy Boy”
*Girls “My Ma”
*Mind.In.A.Box “Second Reality”
*Grand Duchy “Dark Sparkles And The Beat” (Silverclub remix)
*Ronny Morris “Lost My Way”
*Gorillaz f/ James Murphy and Andre 3000 “Do Ya Thing”
*Santigold “Disparate Youth”
*Everything Goes Cold “Monsters Of The Modern Age”
*Tremor Low “Wolfsuit”
*Indianna Dawn “Rediscover Myself”
*Future Of The Left “Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman”
*Lowline “Black Eye”
Infected Mushroom “Cities Of The Future” (extended mix 2004)
*The Kandidate “Let The Maggots Have It”

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