Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim, the joyous punk duo from New York, have readied a new album for September.

Over the course of the summer they will roll out songs from Lightning.

“Let’s Go” is the first, charming as always from Matt & Kim.


Husky is an indie folk 4-piece out of Melbourne, Australia.

Last year they won a best unsigned band radio contest in their home country and subsequently signed to Sub Pop Records.

Forever So is their impressive debut.

Listen to “History’s Door” and download for free.

Turing Machine

The instrumental band Turing Machine just released What is the Meaning of What.

It is their first album in 8 years and the first since the tragic death of drummer Jerry Fuchs who died in 2009 in a freak elevator shaft accident.

Using original tracks laid down by Fuchs with assistance from Pat Mahoney, the drummer from LCD Soundsystem, Justin Chearno and Scott DeSimon entrance us with hypnotic intensity.

“Slave to the Algorithm” is a free download.

Lopsided World of L

Marvelous Mondays with Jonathan L.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Seabound “The Escape”
*Die Toten Hosen “Computerstaat”
*The Royalty “Say The Word”
*Lovedrug “Wild Blood”
*The Real McKenzies “Kings o’ Glasgow” (live)
*Joey Ramone “There’s Got To Be More Than Life”
*Joey Ramone “Life’s A Gas”
*Tenacious D “Senorita”

***Set of Arjen Lucassen***
“Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin”
“I’m The Slime” (Zappa cover)
“The Space Hotel”
“Veteran Of The Psychic Wars” ***

*The Afghan Whigs “See And Don’t See”
*Tech N9ne “DKNY”
Twisted Sister “The Kids Are Back” (1983)
*Die Toten Hosen “Altes Fieber”
*Wintersleep “Nothing Is Anything (Without You)”
*Major Lazer “Get Free” (Andy C remix)
*Outlaw Bob Wayne “Wives Of Three”
*WelshManHill “Tomorrow’s World”
*St. Madness “Metal To The Death And Beyond”
*Art vs. Science “Parlez Vous Francais?”
*Huntress “The Tower”
*!Mayday! “R.E.M.”
*Terry Poison “Comme C Comme Ca”
*Tenacious D “Low Hangin’ Fruit”
*Grand Magus “Valhalla Rising”
*Dandy Warhols “16 Tons”
*Quis ut Deus (Michael Perneck) “Lauf”
*Wideboy Generation “I Couldn’t Talk”
*Jordi Kuragari “Bounced”

St. Vincent & David Byrne

St. Vincent and David Byrne have made a record together!

Love This Giant is due in September as is a tour.

What began as a collaboration for charity ended up as a complete album centered around a brass band.

“Who” is a free download. Listen here to this most unique duo.

Cat Power

We haven’t heard new music from the wondrous Cat Power in over 6 years.

She took the time to recover from a breakdown and substance abuse releasing only a covers album.

She returns to us with her 9th album, Sun, due in September.

“Ruin”, the first single, makes us long for the end of summer. (Free download from her website.)

Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L weekly from Berlin.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Dandy Warhols “Enjoy Yourself”
*Imaginary Cities “Don’t Cry”
*MXPX “Best Of Times”
*Diamond Rugs “Blue Mountains”
**Tribute to 30 years of Die Toten Hosen-All new music**
*”Drie Kreuze (Dass Wir Heir Sind”
*”Ballast Der Republik”
*”Tage Wie Diese”
*”Das Modell” (Kraftwerk cover) **
*Tech N9ne “Klusterf**k”
*Latvian Radio “Cigarettes & Soda”
*Outlaw Bob Wayne “F**k The Law”
*Outlaw Bob Wayne “Till The Wheels Fall Off”
*The Watermarks “Empty Heart”
*!Mayday! “Everything’s Everything”
*Wideboy Generation “Typical Blonde”
*Skyla Vertex “Schall Und Rauch”
*RK Ultras “Something Has Changed”
*Arjen Lucassen “Dr Slumber’s Eternity Home”
*Huntress “Spell Eater”
*El-p “The Full Retard”
*Pride And Fall “Reborn”
*Matt Skiba and the Sekrets “Falling Like Rain”
*Chloe Day “Lost”
*The Dears “Stick With Me Kid”
*Andy Kuncl “Tried 2 Resist”
*Scott Lukas and the Married Men “Lover The Lullaby”
*Accept “The Gallery”
*PreEmptive Strike 0.1 “Bendingungslose Kapitulation”
*Armada “Ghost Of Illinois”
*Pennywise “Tomorrow”

Lopsided World of L

Our soundtrack for the week from Jonathan L.

Lopsided World Of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Arjen Lucassen “E-Police”
*Diamond Rugs “Tell Me Why”
*Wideboy Generation “Miss Pronounced”
*Metric “Youth Without Youth”
*Matt Skiba And The Sekrets “You”
*!Mayday! “Roaches”
*”Outlaw” Bob Wayne “Spread My Ashes On The Highway”
*Nappy Riddem “Wake The Sound (Ancient Astronauts mix)
*The Royalty “I Want You”
Wirtz “Wo Ich Steh” (2008)
*Dee Snider “The Joint Is Jumpin'”
*Fretless “Ride”
*Arjen Lucassen “Battle Of Evermore” (Led Zeppelin cover)
*Exitmusic “The Night”
*Lost Prophets “Bring Em Down”
*Tez McClain “Sittin’ Back”
*Scott Lukas & The Married Men “Old Worries”
*Lower Dens “Brains”
*Elan “This Old Machine”
*Lost Without Cause “Around And Around”
*L & O “Now Everybody Stand In Line” (Soccer mix)
*Sleepy Sun “Martyr’s Mantra”
*Accept “Stalingrad”
*Neon Legion “The Sun”
*Scott Lukas & The Married Men “Out Of The Boat”
*All Good Funk Alliance f/ Big Stuff & Think Tank “Time To Get Loose”
*Brothers Of Brazil “On My Way”


The Japandroids rock!

The Vancouver duo of Brian King (guitar, vocals) and David Prowse (drums, vocals) blast through their 2nd album, Celebration Rock, with passion and poise.

“The House That Heaven Built” is the irresistible first single.

The Cribs

The Cribs are a British brother band: twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and younger brother Ross.

They’ve been a trio for most of their career save the last album when former Smith’s guitarist Johnny Marr joined the band. He subsequently left to pursue his solo artistry.

In the Belly of the Brazen Bull, the band’s fifth album, was released in May of this year.

“Come On, Be a No-One” is the powerful single.


2:54, is the name of a new British sister duo.

Hannah and Colette Thurlow named themselves after their favorite moment in a Melvin’s song.

“You’re Early” from their debut album is dark and wonderful.

Lopsided World of L

Music Monday’s with Jonathan L

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Wideboy Generation “Get Up, Get Out”
*Wumpscut “Kill That Little F**k”
*Elan “Everything You Ever Wanted”
*Plants And Animals “Song For Love”
*The Walkmen “Heaven”
*Steve Aoki f/ Kid Cudi & Travis Barker “Cudi The Kid”
*Dee Snider f/ Mark Wo “Music Of The Night”
*Big Scary “This Weight”
*Grendel “Timewave: Zero”
*Bethpage Black “Losing My Nerve”
*Girl In A Coma “Transmission” (Joy Division cover)
*!Mayday! “Badlands”
*Fretless “Stand & Deliver”
The Lonely Island “Mama” (replay from 2011)
*Joey Ramone “Eyes Of Green”
*Young Rebel Set “Lions Mouth”
*Sene f/ Denitia Odigie “Holyday”
Clan Of Xymox “Judas” (2009)
*Accept “Shadow Soldiers”
*Arjen Lucassen “Parental Procreation Permit”
*Atlas Genius “Trojans”
*The Skys “When The Western Wind Blows”
*The NowhereNauts “Newspaper Today”
*Skyla Vertex “City Demon”
*Dancing Heals “Let You Down”
*The Barbarellatones “It’s Your Fault”
DJ Shadow “Affections” (1996)
*Mobonix “Reset Button”

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a relatively new British trio.

Their 2nd album, The Looking Away, was released last month.

“Strange Attractor” is the charming first single.