Lopsided World of L

A Jonathan L Monday.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

The Heavy “What Makes A Good Man?”
*Lita Ford “Devil In My Head”
*Vlad In Tears f/ Kris Vlad/ Piano solo version “You’ll Come Back To Me”
*River City Extension “If You Need Me Back In Brooklyn”
*Baroness “March To The Sea”
Rammstein “Haifisch” (Hurts remix 2009)
Johnette Napolitano “Everything Is For Everyone” (2007)
Tres Vampires (Johnette Napolitano, David J, Shok) “Take You Deep” (replay)
Peter Heppner “Alleinsein” (2008)
*Mobonix “Dreams”
Mobonix “Reset Button” (replay)
*Heimataerde “Al Naharot Bavel”
*Morning Parade “Carousel”
*Digitalism “Silenz”
*Arjen Lucassen “Our Imperfect Race”
*Vampires Everywhere “Hell On Earth”
*Glenn Crimson “Live” (Bob Welch remix)
*Brother Ali “Stop The Press”
*The Cult “Honey From A Knife”
*Don’t Try “No Waves”
*Dirty Projectors “Gun Has No Trigger”
*Amanda Mair “Sense”
*Stan Ridgway f/ Ralph Carney on Sax “All Too Much”
*Fate Of The Galaxies “Strangers”
*The Connectors “Kinda Way”
*Tony deKaro “Proton”
*Brotherz By Choice “Daddy”
*New Beat Fund “Celebate Celebrity”

Bloc Party

Bloc Party, the acclaimed indie rock quartet from London, has been on hiatus since 2009.

Without a recording contract the boys pursued various solo projects and collaborations.

Now on Frenchkiss Records their new album, Four, is due next month.

“Octopus” is a welcome return.

Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L Rocks!

Lopsided World of L (Hour1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour2)

*The Cult “For The Animals”
*Cadence Weapon “Crash Course For The Ravers”
*Heimataerde “Diese Nacht”
*New Beat Fund “Scare Me”
*Vampires Everywhere “Drug Of Choice”
*Cesium 137 “Aftermath”
*Tres Vampires (Johnette Napolitano, David J, Shok) “Take You Deep”
*Nachtblut “Die Schritte”
*Diablo Swing Orchestra “Black Box Messiah”
*Lita Ford “Love To Hate You”
*Danielle Ate The Sandwich “Letter To The President”
*Public Image Ltd. “Lollipop Opera”
*Motion City Soundtrack “Timelines”
*He Met Her “Control” (Jodie Harsh Vocal Mix)
*Shirley Levi “Anne Marie (for Autism Awareness)
*Lions Lions “Losing Balance”
*Morning Parade “Headlights”
*Metric “The Wanderlust”
*Die Toten Hosen “Alles Hat Seinen Grund”
*Beware Of Darkness “Howl”
*Empires “Keep It Steady”
*Cadence Weapon “(You Can’t Stop) The Machine”
*Young Rebel Set “Measure Of A Man”
*Bobby Womack “The Bravest Man In The World”
*Skinny Puppy “Addiction (Bratislava)”
*Pop Etc “Keep It For Your Own”
*Big Scary “Autumn”
*Sex With Lurch “Alice In Fetishland”


Stars, the Canadian ensemble that is also part of the Broken Social Scene collective, write beautiful pop songs.

“Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” is no exception.

This song is from their forthcoming album North due in September.

JEFF the Brotherhood

The appropriately named band JEFF the Brotherhood consists of two brothers from Nashville, Jake and Jamin Orrall.

They are the sons of Boston singer/songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall.

Their 7th album Hypnotic Nights will have major label distribution and features the summer song “Sixpack”.

Purity Ring

Megan James and Corin Roddick are Purity Ring.

This Montreal-based duo debut next week with the album Shrines.

Their electronic beauty shines through on “Fineshrine” and is a free download.

Lopsided World of L

Another manic Monday with Jonathan L.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour2)

*Public Image Ltd. “One Drop”
*Digitalism “A New Drug”
*Young Rebel Set “Fall Hard”
*Spider Rockets “Better When It’s Loud”
*Zero Zero “Drug”
*Nachtblut “Dogma”
*Nachtblut “Der Weg ist Das Ziel”
*Tech N9ne “Can’t Stand Me”
*Metric “Artificial Nocturne”
*L.A. Guns “Queenie”
*Crocodiles “Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)”
*2:54 “Ride”
*Venus Butterfly “Crazy” (#1 hit in Thailand)
*Ivardensphere “Ancients” (BlakOPZ Summon Remix)
*The Cult “Amnesia”
*tUnE-yArDs f/Angelique Kidjo & Akura Nara “Lady”
*TXL “Ich Habe Angst”
*Danielle Ate The Sandwich “Faith In A Man”
Big Scary “This Weight” (replay)
*Attaloss “Open Door”
*Daystar “Sleeper”
*David Starfire f/ iCatching & Kolan “Jumping Off “(Sidecar Tommy Remix)
*Ballyhoo “Walk Away”
*Diamond Rugs “Hungover And Horny”
*Public Image Ltd. “This Is PIL”
*Jessica Pare “Zou Bisou Bisou”
*Ninet “ICU”
*SpaceGhostPurpp “The Black God”
*Fate Of The Galaxies “We Will Never Die”
*David Philp “Stalking Bob Dylan”
*Dinner And A Suit “It’s Not Over”


DIIV is the name of the band for the solo projects of Zachary Cole Smith who is best known as the guitarist for Beach Fossils.

This Brooklyn-based musician originally named the band Dive but changed the name when he discovered that it was already being used by a Belgium industrial band.

His debut album is entitled Oshin.

The song “Doused” is amazing and truly one of the best rock songs of the year!

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow is the pseudonym of George Lewis Jr.

Born in the Dominican Republic, he currently resides in Brooklyn with previous stops in Florida and Boston.

Confess is his second album inspired by an intense ride on his motorcycle, pushing the limit, after a previous accident in Boston.

“Five Seconds” from the album harkens back to the best of the New Wave.

Paul Banks

Paul Banks, the man with the compelling lead voice in the band Interpol, has just released an EP as a precursor to a full solo album in September.

He uses the name Julian Plenti for his solo projects. Thus the title: Julian Plenti Lives…

“Summertime is Coming” is the featured track.

Lopsided World of L

Took last week off but Jonathan L is here every Monday.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*L.A. Guns “Arana Negra (Black Spider)”
*Jack White “Hypocritical Kiss”
*Ballyhoo “Last Night”
*Young Hines “Give Me My Change”
*Die Toten Hosen “Traurig Einen Sommer Lang”
*2:54 “Creeping”
*The Cult “Lucifer”
*The Cult “A Pale Horse”
*Eve To Adam “Schools Out” (Alice Cooper cover)
*All Skate “Twins”
*Arjen Lucassen “Where Pigs Fly”
*Shawn Lee “Low Riders In Space”
*Grand Magus “Starlight Slaughter”
*Cypress Hill and Rusko f/ Damian Marley “Can’t Keep Me Down”
*Dandy Warhols “I Am Free”
*Spider Rockets “Twilight Zone” (Golden Earring cover)
*Architects (U.K.) “Unbeliever”
*Venus Butterfly “Good Time Girls”
*Aaron David Gleason “Something Special”
*!Mayday! f/ Liz Suwandi “Devil On My Mind”
*Chantal Claret “Bite Your Tongue”
*Caged Animals “She Oughta Be In Malibu”
*Living Things “California Paranoia (Psycho Swing Version)”
*Eatliz “Hey”
*Run By The Gun “A Lost Bag”
*Stereophonic Space Sounds Unlimited “Space Mission Number 12”
*The Hundred In The Hands “Keep It Low”
*Ron Pope “One Grain Of Sand”
*3 Pill Morning “Rain”
*Arkells “On Paper”
*Michael Moonchild “Candy Raindrops”

Lopsided World of L

A Jonathan L Monday.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*The Adventures Of “Complication”
*Shawn Lee “Boogie Children (Saturn Day Night)”
*Dandy Warhols “Alternative Power To The People”
*KMFDM “I (Heart) You”
*Chet Faker “Cigarettes And Chocolate”
*Informatik “World Of Wonder”
Queensryche “I’m American” (2006)
*Miles To Nowhere “Does Anybody Know”
*Tenacious D “The Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Cage”
*TesseracT “Dream Brother” (Jeff Buckley cover)
*The Royalty “Other Boys”
*Run By The Gun “The Misanthrope”
*Amanda Palmer “Do It With A Rockstar”
*J. Pinder “Pilgrimage”
*MXPX “Aces Up”
*Die Toten Hosen “Rock Me Amadeus”
*Affector “New Jerusalem”
*Tony deKaro “Endorfin”
Dee Snider “The Joint Is Jumpin'” (replay)
*Assemblage 23 “The Noise Inside My Head”
*The Griswolds “Mississippi”
*Jack White “I’m Shakin'”
*Huntress “Snow Witch”
*The Mynabirds “Generals”
*Amanda Mair “Skinnarviksberget”
*DJ Nu-mark “Tonight”
*”Outlaw” Bob Wayne “All Those One Night Stands”
*The Bunny The Bear “Soul”