Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr is a young garage trio from L.A.

How young? 2/3rds of the band are still in high school including lead vocalist and guitarist Clementine Creevy.

Interestingly, the song “Had Ten Dollaz” was commissioned for the Paris fall runway show by Saint Laurent.

Cherry Glazzer

Belle and Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian offer their 9th studio album in the new year.

We haven’t heard from them since 2010 but leader Stuart Murdoch has been busy publishing a memoir and directing a feature film.

Wonderfully titled Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, the first single is “The Party Line”.

Belle & Sebastian

Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L live from Germany.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Denotes first time song debuts on show

*Immigrants “Damage” (London)
*N-Euro “Tequila” (Estonia)
*Tramps In Stereo “Together” (Los Angeles)
*Roll The Tanks “Goodbye Jimmy Lee” (Los Angeles)
*Strange Culprits “Baby I’m Down” (Berkeley, CA)
*Lifecycle “Burst Your Bubble” (London)
*Lifecycle ” Patterns” (London)
*Erasure “Elevation” (Extended mix) (London)
*Dissolutes “Past Abandoned” (Cork, Ireland)
*Happyness “You Come To Kill Me?!” (London)
*The Call f/Robert Levon Been “Everwhere I Go”(Live)(L.A.)
*Peter Kernel “Your Party Sucks” (Swiss/Canadian)
*Momb “Tough Enough (For Love)” (Denmark)
*Michael Schulte “Rock And Scissors” (Berlin, Germany)
*The Delegators f/Janet Kumah “Minus One” (London)
*Desert Ships “Heart Beats” (London)
*James “Gone Baby Gone” (Manchester, England)
*Leanne Kingwell “Kickin’ Doors” (Melbourne, Australia)
*DigitalNativeDance “Los Canarreos” (Totnes, England)
*Kasabian “Clouds” (Leicester, England)
*George Ezra “Budapest” (Bristol, England)
*The Sunday Reeds “On The Holidays” (Melbourne, AU)
*Northern Faces “Cops Come” (Albany, N.Y.)
*Kites And Komets “When Love Turns To Me” (Copenhagen)
*RX Bandits “Ruby Cumulous” (Long Beach, CA)
*Jesus Nevada “Drug Queen” (Estonia)
*English Dogs “Gorgonized” (Grantham, England)

David Bowie

David Bowie will soon be releasing an elaborate greatest hits compilation entitled Nothing Has Changed.

One new song will appear, the wildly jazz improvisational “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)”.





Iconic riot-grrrl band Sleater-Kinney have returned after a 10-year absence.

Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar), Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals), and Janet Weiss (drums) will soon release No Cities to Love.

“Bury Our Friends” is the lead track. And a free download of the song here.



Goat is a musical collective from Sweden.

They keep their identities secret and perform in masks and costumes.

The music is rhythmic, tribal and hypnotic.

Goat’s second album Commune has been released on Sub Pop.


“Words” by Goat


Yelle is a French electropop band led by Julie Budet aka Yelle along with GrandMarnier (Jean-Francois Perrier) and Tepr (Tanguy Destable)..

Complètement fou is their 3rd album. And the title track.


Lopsided World of L

He’s back, broadcasting from Berlin: Jonathan L.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Denotes first time song debuts on show

Madness “On The Town 2009” (Camden Town, London)
*Lifecycle “Dissolve” (London)
*Leanne Kingwell “Sunshine” (Melbourne, Australia)
*James King & Lonewolves “Even Beatles Die” (Glasgow)
*Wrongchilde f/Morgan Kibby “Love Is A Battlefield”(L.A.)
*Immigrants “Masquerade” (London)
*Tramps In Stereo “In The Shape We’re In” (Los Angeles)
*Kasabian “Eez-Eh” (Leicester, England)
*Wild Party “When I Get Older” (San Antonio, Texas)
*Michael Flynn “That Danny Glover Feeling” (Charleston)
*Vito Pezer “Dit is schön” (Berlin, Germany)
*Go Nogo “Apollo Go (original mix) (Heisenborg, Sweden)
*The Call F/Robert Levon Been “Turn A Blind Eye” (L.A.)
Kate Tempest “A Hammer” (South East London)
*Pale Fires “River” (Camden Town, London)
The Whereabouts “Let Go Of The Brakes” (Cavan, Ireland)
*Vandettes “Let It All Go” (Liverpool, England)
*Chris Flynn “Falling To Pieces (Dumped) (Salford, U.K.)
*Stargroves f/ Abigail Breslin “Westfjords” (N.Y.C.)
*Calliko f/Molly Williams “EDM” (Chicago)
*Fire Tiger “Just” (Los Angeles)
*The Barr Brothers “Half Crazy”(Orig. Version) (Montreal)
Villiers “Nowhere Left To Run” (Lancashire, U.K.)
*9Electric “Goodbye” (Los Angeles)
*Electric Wire Hustle “Loveless” (Wellington, Australia)
*Michael Schulte “The arising” (Berlin)
*Analogue Wave “Sustain” (Dublin, Ireland)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: “Talkin’ Bout My Baby”

On the Road

Jonathan L is in London and I am still wandering through Italy so no posts from either of us for a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned…