The intense female quartet Savages will soon release their sophomore album.

“The Answer” is the first single from Adore Life.



After releasing the song “Go” last year we expected a new Grimes album.

But she scraped it as it wasn’t to her liking and started over.

We now have Art Angels leading with “Flesh Without Blood”.


Lopsided World of L

Back from vacation, Jonathan L returns with his Monday broadcast.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Autopsy Boys f/Debbie Rochon “Song For Debbera” (Leeds)
*IAMX “Happiness” (Berlin / Los Angeles)
+Ilan Eshkeri w/Tim Wheeler “Feels Like Summer” (London)
*Public Enemy “Honky Tonk Rules” (Long Island, N.Y.)
*The Dears “I Used To Pray For The…” (Montreal, Canada)
*Lana Del Rey “High By The Beach” (Brooklyn)
*KMFDM “Salvation” (New version) (Germany)
*Gentleman’s Pistols “The Searcher” (Leed, England)
*Rufus Du Sol “Your Were Right” (Australia)
*Peaches f/Kim Gordon “Close Up” (Berlin, Germany)
+Space “Strange World” (Liverpool, England)
*Sextile “Can’t Take It” (Los Angeles)
*Skinny Lister “Trouble On Oxford Street” (London)
*Darwin Deez “Kill Your Attitude” (N.Y.C.)
*Little Brother Eli “Dreams” (Oxford, England)
*Monika f/Andrew Wyatt “Shake Your…” (Athens, Greece)
*The Jackals “Ghost Soul Traffic” (Manchester)
*Northern Uproar “24 Hrs/24 Days” (Manchester)
*Kadavar “Pale Blue Eyes” (Berlin, Germany)
*Silicon “Cellphone” (New Zealand)
*The Dead Weather “I Feel Love (Every…)” (Los Angeles)
*Angéline “Si J’avais La Choix” (France/London)
*Aleks Grey “Unstoppable” (Norway / Liverpool)
*Midnight Mantics “City Of Dreamers” (Nashville)
*Motörhead “Electricity” (Los Angeles)
+Public Image Ltd. “Double Trouble” (London)
*Dead Letter Circus “While You Wait” (Brisbane, AU)
*Symphony X “To Hell And Back” (New Jersey)

The Bohicas

The Bohicas are 4 young lads from England.

Definitely a band to watch as heard on their debut, “The Making Of”.

The Bohicas

“Where You At”


Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile’s side project is Ducktails.

The latest and 5th is entitled St. Catherine.

Here are two. The melancholy beauty of “Headbanging in the Mirror” and “Church” featuring Julia Holter.


“Headbanging in the Mirror”

“Church” (featuring Julia Holter)

Beach House

Just a couple of months ago Beach House gave us the album Depression Cherry.

Now they have released Thank Your Lucky Stars, a new album from the same recording sessions.

The darker songs were more appropriate for their own album, thus the 2nd record.

Beach House

“Sparks” from Depression Cherry

“Elegy to the Void” from Thank Your Lucky Stars

Previous Beach House here.

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is a young band out of Minneapolis.

They have 2 solid Eps to their name.

“Suicide Saturday” is from Bashful Creatures, and “South” from the South EP.

Hippo Campus

“Suicide Saturday”


Big Grams

Big Boi of Outkast discovered by chance the music Phantogram and this unusual collaboration was born.

They call themselves Big Grams.

Big Grams

“Lights On”

Public Image Ltd.

Johnny Rotten, provocateur, malcontent, ex-Sex Pistol and old mate, is Public Image Ltd. with an ever evolving band.

“What the World Needs Now…”, PIL’s latest (since 2012) continues with the spit and anger missing in most modern music.


“Double Trouble”

“Know Now”

New Order

New Order, the band that rose from the ashes of Joy Division in 1980, have given us a most compelling album in 2015.

Their first without seminal member Peter Hook, Music Complete is indeed a complete album.

Listen here to “Restless” and “Plastic”, the latter featuring Elly Jackson from the band La Roux.

New Order




Back from wandering Europe for five plus weeks.

Now to begin posting again.

DIIV’s debut in 2012 included “Doused”, which remains one of my most played songs.

“Dopamine” is new from a forthcoming album Is The Is Are.

DIIV - Cover

Lopsided World of L

All British music this week from Jonathan L


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show

Rum Thief “Reach For The Weatherman” (Manchester)
The Damned “Dozen Girls” (1982) (London)
Wire “Magic Bullet” (London)
The Real Tuesday Weld “Love Lust Month” (London)
*Public Image Ltd. “Double Trouble” (album version) (London)
*The Chemical Brothers f/ Ali Love “EML Ritual” (Manchester)
*Space “Female Of The Species” (Liverpool)
Adam Ant “Vince Taylor” (London)
The Marks Cartel “Take Me Home” (Swansea)
Kascarade “Way Of The World” (New version) (Bradford)
Shooze “Trouble In London” (Redditch, West Midlands)
The Winachi Tribe “Plant The Seed” (Warrington)
*Allusondrugs “Sunset Yellow” (Yorkshire)
Jodz “Waiting (Till Then)” (Manchester)
*Sasha Siem “See-Through” (London)
*Matilde Davoli “I’m Calling You From My…” (London)
*Zurich “Menace” (Oxford)
Gang Of Four f/H. Gronemeyer “The Dying Rays” (London)
Skellums “Monsters” (Liverpool)
Kate Tempest “Stink” (South East London)
Fizzy Blood “Black Sheep” (Leeds)
Boxed In “Mystery” (London)
Monster Jaw “Lidocaine” (Leeds)
Bourbon Street Beat “Crossing A Bend” (Manchester)
Cave Mouth “Deep Water” (Bristol)
*Juno Reactor “Trans Siberian” (Brighton)
** Jonathan L Presenter/ Album Network presents
A rare 10-minute excerpt -1997 live performance
at Irving Plaza in New York City**