Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods is an English duo out of Nottingham.

Their minimalist punk sounds are prominent on their latest single “TCR”.

TCR stands for Total Control Racing, a 1980’s racing kit. Here it is a metaphor for a life going round and round with no purpose.



Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler is folk/goth artist out of Boston with an angelic voice.

Strangers is her most recent album.

Her voice is dreamily transcendent as heard here on “Janie in Love”.


Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L and the world of Indie music.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show

*Motorowl “Old Man’s Maze” (Thüringen, Germany)
*Jerome Clark “WakaWaka” (Jena, Germany)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Born To Die In Berlin”
*Kinsky f/Gina Mitchell “Night To Day Dub” (Sydney, Australia)
*Ethan & The Reformation “Hollandia” (Manchester, England)
*The Tips “Leaving Home” (Düsseldorf, Germany)
*Grey Attack “First Try In Second Life” (Aachen, Germany)
*Olsson f/Mapeai “Hold On” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Sulk “No Illusions” (London, England)
*Vorsen “Take Your Mark” (Perth, Australia)
*Ninet Tayeb “Child” (Southern Israel)
*Perpacity f/Nordik Fire “Eternal” (Bristol/Copenhagen)
*Ray Shames “Traum” (Austria)
*Chrissi Poland “Shaky Man” (New York City)
+The Whereabouts “Double Cross” (Cavan, Ireland)
+Ali Ingle “Allana” (London/Liverpool)
*Carol Pacey & The Honeyshakers “Eyes On The..” (Phoenix)
*Geowulf “Saltwater” (London/Berlin/Gothenburg)
*Stardust Life “Turn Your Speakers On” (Los Angeles)
*Otis English “Young Kids, Old Love” (Los Angeles)
*The 69 Eyes “Miss Pastis” (Helsinki, Finland)
*Benta “Lover In The Dark” (New York City)
*Phoenix Day “Stronger” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Twilight Force “To The Stars” (Borlänge, Sweden)
*Christopher Shayne “When I Come Down” (Phoenix)
*The Sweeps “Careless”(Elektromekanik mix) (Hamburg)
*Eisenwut “Freiheit” (Moscow, Russia)

July Talk

July Talk is a Canadian quintet based in Toronto.

Their sophomore album Touch is new and “Push + Pull” the first single.


“Push + Pull”

K. Flay

Kristine Flaherty operates under the name K. Flay.

Alternative hip-hop at its most intriguing.

“Blood in the Cut” is from her new EP Crush Me.


Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L, all-U.K. this week.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show

City Lights “All The Kings Men” (Manchester)
*The Whereabouts “Double Cross” (Cavan, Ireland)
They Called Him Zone “Just Fall” (Bradford)
*Helen Love “A Boy From Wales Called Gareth Bales” (Wales)
The Marivaux “Ebb And Flow” (Manchester)
*Frightened Rabbit “Woke Up Hurting” (Falkirk, Scotland)
Mosley Bar “Rendezvous” (West Lancashire, England)
The Brinks “Temporary Love” (Manchester)
*We Used To Make Things Up “Stillness Of…” (Hackney)
The Swagger “Stoned” (Hornsey, North London)
The Stone Roses “All For One” (Manchester)
*Perpacity “9725” (Bristol)
The Spitfires “On My Mind” (Watford)
*Emnibus “Home” (Surrey)
The Black Delta Movement “Seven Circles”(Kingston Upon Hull)
The Barmines “Reliance” (Leeds)
Molly Daggers “Shakin’ Like The Leaves…” (Colchester/Leeds)
*Ali Ingle “Killer Crush” (London/Liverpool)
Kolumbus “Leave The Light On” (Wicklow, Ireland)
Louis Berry “.45” (Liverpool)
Kamikaze Girls “Stiches” (Leeds)
Calling All Astronauts “Living The Dream” (London)
Honne f/ Izzy Bizu “Someone That Loves You” (London)
SN Dub Station “Yesterday” (Swindon)
Colt 45 “Snakes & Ladders” (Cumbria)
The Battles Of Winter “Wrong Port” (London)
The Inconsistent Jukebox f/Ang Kerfoot “Bold Ego…” (Leeds)
Cartesian Jetstream “Limousines” (Manchester)
Electric Dog House (Strummer/Scabies) “Generations”
New Model Army “Devil” (Bradford)

Local Natives

Local Natives return with their 3rd album Sunlit Youth.

Their harmonies continue to shine as we share two from the recording:

“Past Lives” and “Coins”


“Past Lives”


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The darkly intense Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released their 16th album Skeleton Tree.

Toward the end of recording process Cave lost his teenage son in a tragic accident which affected the final mixes and overdubs.

The making of the album is documented in the new film One More Time with Feeling.

“Jesus Alone” is the lead track.


“Jesus Alone”

Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L on Mondays with new music.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Operation Mindcrime: “A Smear Campaign” (Seattle)
*Ali Ingle “Allana” (London/Liverpool)
*So Star f/Anna Miller “You Make My Desires…” (Manchester)
*Eisenwut “Gib mir Kraft” (Moscow, Russia)
*Future Generations “Thunder In The City” (Bronx, N.Y.)
*Magnifico “Dalmazia” (Slovenia)
*James Beng Lee “Hey God” (Sydney, Australia)
*Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings “I’m Still Here” (Brooklyn)
*Ray Shames “Rückruf” (Vienna, Austria)
*Castlecomer “Fire Alarm” (Sydney, Australia)
+New Model Army “Devil” (Bradford, England)
+They Called Him Zone “Just Fall” (Bradford, England)
*Soap Girls “Bad Bitch” (Cape Town, South Africa)
*The Expected “Nothing Action” (Helsinki, Finland)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Mein Herz Brennt” (Piano V)
*Greenhaven “Downtime” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Stardust Life “Bad Decisions” (Los Angeles)
*Kinsky “Mountain Dub” (Sydney, Australia)
*Experience Of Music “Space Bass” (Cologne, Germany)
*The Birthday Massacre “Night Time” (Toronto, Canada)
+Saphira “Believe” (Switzerland/Canada)
*Agnes Obel “Familiar” (Copenhagen/Berlin)
*Wolf Hoffmann “Adagio” (Mainz, Germany)
*Ninet Tayeb “Talking” (Southern, Israel)
*The Inconsistent Jukebox “Bold Ego…”(L.Cirelli mix)(Leeds)
*Bola “Yine Ntaripaga” (Africa)

Lydia Loveless

I like to think of Lydia Loveless as punk country.

“Longer” is from here 4th album Real.

And I’ve included one of her classics, “Steve Earle”, about a stalker, not the real Steve Earle.



“Steve Earle”

Drive-By Truckers

There was a time when musicians were the voice of protest, speaking out against war, racism and inequality.

So rare these days.

Yet here is a southern alternative country band, Drive-By Truckers, with one of the most profound songs of the year.

Perhaps they can inspire other artists to speak up.

Drive-By Truckers

“What It Means”

Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L, absolutely every Monday.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Greenhaven “The Great Sonoran” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*The Peppersplum “In Life” (Mexico)
*James Being Lee “Anything” (Sydney, Australia)
*Ninet Tayeb “She Knows” (Southern Israel)
*They Called Him Zone “Just Fall” (Bradford, England)
*Velvet Kills “Red Shoes” (Paris/Berlin)
*The Expected “Radio Night” (Helsinki, Finland)
*Magnifico “Ya Mustafa” (Slovenia)
*Kamikaze Girls “Stiches” (Leeds, England)
*Shell-I “Shallow People” (Russia)
*New Model Army “Winter” (Bradford, England)
*So-Star f/Marri Nallos “Let’s Feel The Charge” (Manchester)
*The Birthday Massacre “The Birthday Massacre” (Toronto)
*Snoop Dogg “My Carz” (Los Angeles)
+The Interruptors “Be My Side” (Los Angeles)
+Kids On Bridges f/Zigaboo Modiste “Say Ok” (Liverpool)
*The Indigo Palms “Live It Up” (Wales)
*Blush “WRNG” (London)
*Libbi “Refall In Love” (Victoria, Australia)
*Temple Velocity “Walk The Way” (Tokyo, Japan/London)
*Grayhound O.C.D. “Where My Heart…” (Bentheim, Germany)
*The Vellas “Lion Sometimes” (Derby/Sheffield, England)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Roter Sand (Orchestra ver.)
*IndifferentMonKeY “I Can See You” (Lancaster, U.K.)
*The Blet Project “Eight Till Ten” (Scotland)
*Luna Aura “Madhouse” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Long Distance Calling “The Man Within” (Munster/Dortmund)
*Georgia Reed “Helen” (Perth, Australia)
*Carmelo Carone “Chicago” ( U.K. mix) (Milan, Italy)

Morgan Delt

Morgan Delt hails from California. His debut album, Phase Zero, hints at 60s psychedelia.

Listen to the dreamy “Some Sunsick Day”.

Morgan Delt