Laura Marling

Superlative singer/songwriter Laura Marling is preparing a new album, Semper Femina, for the new year.

Exploring intimacy and love of a woman toward women the song “Soothing” is an advance.



Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L with another edition of the SHE Show, female artists of note.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Delerium “Stay” (Canada)
*Sky Baby Siren f/ Elia) “Day By Day” (Sydney, Australia)
+ Chrissi Poland “Shaky Man” (New York City)
*Kate Tempest “Lionmouth Door Knocker” (Southeast London)
*Hirie f/ Nattali Rize “Woman Comes First” (Hawaii)
*Suzanna Van Moyland “Mind In Mind” (London)
*Jane Jensen f/M. Bisi “Cowboys Make Good Lover’s (Los Angeles)
*Double Françoise “Les French Chanteuses” (France)
*Goat Girl “Country Sleaze” (South London)
*Norma Jean Martine “No Gold” (Middletown, N.Y.)
*Saphira “5 Minutes” (Switzerland)
*Sunday Wilde “That Man Drives Me Mad” (Canada)
+Rykarada Parasol “Le Fils du Pere Noel” (Paris/SF)
*Lucy Dacus “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny…” (Richmond, VA)
*Jim Button “Keep Calm And Carry On” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Babeheaven “Moving On” (West London)
*Tamara Bubble “Break Yo Back” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Katharina Busch “Try Try” (Zürich, Switzerland)
*Mandasue Heller “Crazy” (Manchester, England)
*Delta Omega f/Alyona Ivanova “All Right All…” (Russia)
*Elohim “Hallucinating” (Los Angeles)
*Charlee M. “No One Knows” (Germany)
*Forever Still “Miss Madness” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*April Anne “Winding Road” (Phoenix, AZ)
*Icielani “Hands Up High” (Toronto, Canada)
*Just A Gent f/Melissa Ramsay “Loaded” (Newcastle, U.K.)
*Lights That Change “7 Union (For Louise)” (N.Wales/London)
*Go Satta “Go Dub” (Plymouth, England)
*Ilona “Love’s Out The Window” (London)
*Zoe Zac “Heartbreak And Scopolamine” (Hobart, Australia)
+Little Sparrow “I Found A Way” (Manchester, England)


Now more than ever. A song for this holiday from Massive Attack.

Thank you!


“Be Thankful For What You’ve Got”

Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L, our Berlin connection.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show+ is replay

*La Bella Luna “Jim’s Big Hit” (London)
*Vonny & Clyde “Traum” (Hamburg, Germany)
+Karen Clercq “Questions réponses” (Brussels)
*Witchcraft “The Outcast” (Sweden)
*Spring King “Detroit” (United Kingdom)
*Waconzy f/ Ras Slick “Linda Ikeji” (Nigeria)
+We Used To Make Things “(The Google Song)” (London)
*Daniel Briegert & Kenny Laakkinen “Outta Space” (Hanover)
*Sleaford Mods “TCR” (Nottingham, England)
*Martin Nocun “Esta Loca” (Bournemouth, England)
*Pixies “Talent” (Massachusetts)
*Banks & Steelz “Anything But Words” (N.Y.C.)
*Blackberry Smoke “Waiting For The Thunder” (Atlanta, GA)
*D.D Dumbo “Walrus” (Australia)
RAMONES SONG OF THE WEEK: “We Want The Airwaves”
*French Horn Rebellion “The Right Time” (Brooklyn)
*Adam Harpaz “Waterslide” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Step “Stay Awake” (London/Rome)
*Saliva “Loneliest” (Memphis, TN)
*Vonny & Clyde & HSR f/Terri B “Show Me” (Hamburg)
*Overlord “Mission To Mars” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*B-Bless “Why” (N.Y.C.)
*New Model Army “Burn The Castle” (Bradford, England)
*Mozaics “Always Want You” (Channel Islands/York)
*Déjà Vega “Friends In High Places” (Winsford, U.K.)
*The Harlots “Umma Gumma” (Melbourne, Australia)
*The Mission “Tyranny Of Secrets” (Leeds, England)
*William Gray “Drops In The Ocean” (China/U.K.)
*Tyketto “Reach” (New York)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: Du Riechst So Gut” (Live)

The Orwells

The third album from The Orwells, rambunctious rockers out of suburban Chicago, is expected in early 2017.

From Terrible Human Beings, “They Put a Body in the Bayou” is an early taste.


Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus is a new singer/songwriter based in Richmond, VA.

Her debut, No Burden, features the poignant song “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore”.


Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L. We still have our music.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show

*Chuck Roberts “In The Beginning” (C.Carmone Remix) (Italy)
*M.I.A. “Bird Song” (Blaqstarr Remix) (London, England)
*Saliva “Hand In Hand” (Memphis, Tennessee)
*Yannick Burky “Livin’ The Dream” (Switzerland)
*Grandaddy “Way We Won’t” (Modesto, CA)
*James Edge and the Mindstep “Four Two Four” (Kent)
*We Used To Make Things “Colin Is Unwell” (London)
*DGM “Animal” (Italy)
*Famp “Can You Remember” (Vienna, Austria)
*D’Opus & Roshambo “The Road” (Canberra, Australia)
*Benjamin Schoos “The Dragonfly Man” (Paris, France)
*Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show “Freakshow” (N.Y.C.)
*Velvet Flare “6th Of June” (Brisbane, Australia)
*The Society “Begging” (Manchester, England)
+ Kids On Bridges “Something In The Water” (Liverpool)
*Mesh “The Last One Standing” (Bristol, England)
*The Controllers “You Think You Are…” (Melbourne, AU)
*Atmosphere “Like A Fire” (Minneapolis)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Howling At The Moon”
*The Tallest Man On Earth “Rivers” (Dalarna, Sweden)
*Oasis “Don’t Go Away” (Mystique Demo) (Manchester)
*Selahphonic “Easy” (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Benzin” (Live version)
*Valdaway “Beautiful View” (Perth, Australia)
*The Lion & The Wolf “Heaven Forbid” (Isle Of Wight)
*So-Star f/ Dying Seed “Getting The Signals” (Manchester)
*Twilight Force “Powerwind” (Borlänge, Sweden)

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has died.

A poet and a dreamer with an unforgettable baritone, his last album, You Want It Darker, came out a few weeks ago.

The title track is a fitting epitaph.


“You Want It Darker”

The Day After

It’s mourning in America.

Here Andrew Bird teams up with Jim James to sing “Sic of Elephants”.

America, what have you done?

“Sic Of Elephants”

You were right
There was never reason to worry
Money made your eyesight all blurry
Making lists of pacifists
Recalcitrant poses
Can’t you see how dangerous
The one you chose is
Which brings us back to
Might makes right
So we learn from Wars of the Roses
Pain was only fear kneading your toeses

Making haste to spite your face to cut off your noses
Convince yourself and others that these
Fish smell like roses

Can’t you see how dangerous
When you’re too content to make a fuss
Can’t you see how dangerous

Squint your eyes and see
Elephants, sycophants, elephants

Squint your ears and hear red-faced rants
Pleated pants
That’s what you are

Can’t you see how dangerous
When you’re too content to make a fuss

Communist Daughter

Communist Daughter take their name for a Neutral Milk Hotel Song.

The second album from this Twin Cities band is called The Cracks That Built the Wall which includes the melodic “Hold Back”.


“Hold Back”

Lopsided World of L

Last week France, this week Germany from Jonathan L.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

Wolf Hoffmann “Scherzo”
Lindemann “That’s My Heart”
Grey Attack “Let Me Go”
Experience Of Music “Space Bass”
The Tips “Leaving Home”
Jerome Clark “WakaWaka”
:Wumpscut “Warmonger Scheusal”
The Sweeps “Careless” (Elektromekanik Remix)
Maggers United “Wann Fängst Du An?”
Motorowl “Old Mans Maze”
Laura Carbone “Swans”
Peter Zimmermann f/ Gordon Golletz “Tanzn”
Alyzee “One Wish”
Eisenwut “Gib mir Kraft”
Beyond The Black “Written In Blood”
Was Wenn’s Regnet “Barfuss durch die Wüste”
K&K Project “Hour Glass”
Long Distance Calling “The Man Within”
Rammstein “Rammlied”
Freudenthal “Elena”
Betontod “Küss Mich”
Ian Turner & Tony T “Tonight”
Lola Dutronic “Modern Suicide”
Grayhound O.C.D. “Alone”
pGarage “Crazy Cat”
Hella Donna “Liberty”
Mark Ganesh & Dj Preacher “I’m Alone”

Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

30 Days, 30 Songs to stop Donald Trump has evolved into 30 Days, 50 Songs.

Jesu/Sun Kil Moon is a collaboration with American indie folk act Sun Kil Moon and British experimental act Jesu.


Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

“The Greatest Conversation Ever in the History of the Universe”

Pussy Riot

Russian feminist punk rock provocateurs Pussy Riot comment on the American election.

“Make America Great Again”

“Make America Great Again”


30 Days, 30 Songs.


In a week we can dump Trump.

Today we hear from clipping., the powerfully compelling noise/rap band.

“Fat Fingers”