Lopsided World of L

Award winning Jonathan L broadcasts from Berlin every Monday.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Flash Bastard “Bleed On Me” (Hollywood/Vancouver)
*The Chemical Brothers “Sometimes…”(Manchester)
*Kat Vinter “Downtime” (Berlin, Germany)
*Shooze “Trouble In London” (West Midlands, U.K.)
*FFS “Johnny Delusional” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Wire “Blogging” (London)
*Wumpscut “Oh Mein Kuermmerling” (Bavaria)
*Monster Jaw “Feel It” (West Yorkshire, England)
*Nightwish “Alpenglow” (Kitee, Finland)
*D-Prov “Walk In My Shoes” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Inouwee “Red Words” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Die Deutsche Fleeters “Jurby Scar” (rare) (Wolfsburg,DE)
*Aleks Grey “Feel Alive” (Norway)
*East India Youth “End Result” (London)
Alice Cooper “Muscle Of Love” (1973)
*Dead Sara “Something Good” (Los Angeles)
*Icicle “Time Is Not On Your Side” (London)
*The Prodigy “Invisible Sun” (Essex, England)
*The Chikitas “Drive Me Anywhere” (Geneva, Switzerland)
*Surfer Blood “I Can’t Explain” (W.Palm Beach, FL)
*Alter Eden “Scream At The Sky” (Stoke On Trent, U.K.)
*Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) “Crowly” (Balsidon, U.K.)
*Travis Caudle “Never Quite Enough” (Perth, Australia)
*Josh Michaels “Like The Rest” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Monks Of Mellonwah “Never Been Good” (Sydney, AU)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: “Crimson and Clover”
*Black Diamond “Cocky” (Liverpool)
*Franco Buzzoni “Viburnum Nudum” (Argentina)