Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L, our DJ in Berlin.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time airs on show + is replay

+Pixies “Another Toe In The Ocean” (Boston)
+Tombstones In Their Eyes “I Want To Fly” (Los Angeles)
*Nina Hagen “ Let The Sunshine” (1993) (Berlin, Germany)
+Joey Ramone “Life’s A Gas” (New York)
+Mumiy Troll “Vladivostok Vacation” (Moscow, Russia)
+Foxy Shazam “Freedom” (Cincinnati, Ohio)
+N-Euro “Tequila” (Tallinn, Estonia)
+UFO “World Cruise” (rec. live ’06 in Germany) (London)
*Snem K “Pure Sun” (Dragon mix) (Provence, France)
*Solai aka Chris Pope “Islands In The Sun” (Los Angeles)
+Kat Vinter “Islands” (Berlin, Germany)
+Baz Luhrmann “Sunscreen 07” (Sydney, Australia)
*Night “Winds” (Linköping, Sweden)
+Boris Carloff “I’m An Island and…” (Czech, Republik)
+Me “Under The Sun” (Melbourne, Australia)
+Reel Big Fish “Hiding In My Headphones” (OC, CA)
+Madness “So Alive” (London)
+Dandy Warhols “Sad Vacation” (Portland, OR)
+8MM “Around The Sun” (Echogram RMX) (Los Angeles)
-and new tunes for you-
*Alle Farben & Junieck “Little Hollywood” (Berlin, Germany)
*The Seagulls “I Always Get The Feeling…” (Leeds, England)
*Das Fluff “I Love You (When You’re…” (Berlin, Germany)
*UNKLE f/Mark Lanegan “Looking For The Rain” (London)
*LCD Soundsystem “Tonite” (Brooklyn, New York)
+Kasabian “Bless This Acid House” (Leicestershire, UK)
*Gary Numan “My Name Is Ruin” (London, England)