Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L, Berlin’s music man.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time airs on show + is replay

*Erika Wennerstrom “Extraordinary Love” (edit) (Austin, TX)
*Young Fathers “In My View” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Coreign “Run Run Run” (Switzerland)
+Hey Jetman “Tinder And Tears” (Berlin, Germany)
+TC&I “Scatter Me” (Swindon, England)
*Club Domani & Jerry Bouthier “You Be” (Milan, Italy)
*Benjamin Shoos f/ Dent May “All Night” (Paris, France)
*Plastic “Headless Rabbt” (Cheshire, England)
*Colin Macleod “Kicks In” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*The Screaming Love Collective “Artificial Stimulation” (U.K.)
*Mugzy “My Journey” (Sydney, Australia)
*Long Distance Calling “Like A River” (Germany)
*b.d. Gottfried “Blame It On The Money” (Canada)
*Moscow Death Brigade “Straight Outta Moscow” (Russia)
*Hegarty “Broken Soul” (Liverpool, England)
*Noah Gundersen “The Sound” (Seattle, WA)
*Speak, Brother “Magnesium” (Coventry, England)
*The Spook School “Body” (United Kingdom)
*Steve Hewitt “Pushing Me Away” (Kent, England)
*Martin Nocun “Pump Up The Music” (Poland)
*Kangarucci “Taxi Man” (United Kingdom)
*Tony Moore “Save The Day” (London, England)
*The Maple State “Something In The Water” (Manchester)
*COG “The Middle” (Sydney, Australia)
*Travis Caudle “What It Is” (Perth, Australia)
*Ray Keith “Bun Dem Computer” (Re-issue) (London)