Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L from Berlin shows the SHE’s have it.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*denotes first time airs on show + is replay

*Susie Blue “Didn’t Mean To Care” (Northern Ireland)
*Tango With Lions “Proof Of Desire” (Greece)
*Coreign “One Day” (Switzerland)
*Martha Ffion “We Make Do” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Kat Meoz “Bad Moon” (Los Angeles)
+Club Domani f/ Cristina Bugatti (Milan, Italy)
+Johnette Napolitano “Crib Girl” (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Afika Mamas “Tata Madiba (for Nelson Mandala)” (S. Africa)
*Lucy Dacus “Addictions” (Richmond, Virginia)
*Erika Wennerstrom “Extraordinary Love” (Full V.) (Austin, TX)
+Chàrlee M. f/von den Helden “Winterzeit” (Bielefeld, Germany)
*Mavis Staples “Who Told You That” (Chicago)
*Übertos “Hot Damn Emmylou” (Norway)
*Tiger Lilly “New Year” (London, England)
*Tamara Bubble “Laundry” (Brooklyn)
+Jenn Vix “Alive Again” (Rhode Island)
*Beth Wimmer “Loosen My Grip” (Switzerland)
*Belle & Sebastian “Same Star” (Glasgow, Scotland)
+Lola Dutronic “My Name Is Lola” (Germany/Canada)
*Esme Bridie “Tower Of Regret” (Liverpool, England)
*Hawley Pen “3 Strikes” (Denver, CO)
*Maari “Heartbreaker” (Sydney, Australia)
*Ronnie Spector “Tell Her No” (Zombies cover) (Connecticut)
*IAMEVE “All Seeing Eye” (Los Angeles)
+Lou Parker “Piece Of Mary” (Brisbane, Australia)
+Dessa “Fire Drills” (Minneapolis)
*Meri Amber “Dance ’Til You’re Dead” (Sydney, Australia)
*On Dead Waves “Winter’s Child” (London, England)
+Perel “Die Dimension” (Berlin, Germany)