Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot, punk Russian provocateurs, invaded the field during the final match of the World Cup to protest the continual oppression in their country.

Arrested and now sentenced to jail, the band released a video and their demands:

1. Free Oleg Sentsov and other political prisoners.
2. Don’t put people in jail for likes and reposts.
3. Stop mass arrests at political rallies.
4. Stop fucking with Navalny.
5. Stop imprisoning so many people for 228 article of Criminal code (drug offenses).
6. Cancel 282 article of Russian Criminal code (“extremism”, one of the main political criminal articles)
7. Freedom of speech and expression in Russia.
8. Give a federal TV-channel to an activist media outlet “Mediazona” (zona.media)

The song “Track About a Good Cop” contrasts a mythical “heavenly cop” who fights for the people and the “earthly cop” who suppresses them.