Lopsided World of L

Just about settled here in Asia for the winter. Jetlag is subsiding, the internet feed is adequate and we have a year of new music to look forward to.

Jonathan L offers his weekly broadcast. Tomorrow we’ll begin spotlighting individual artists.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*David Lynch “Good Day Today”
*Megadeth “Deadly Nightshade”
Girl In A Coma “Knocking At Your Door”
*Sola Rosa f/ Serocee “I’ve Tried Always”
*Rammstein “Mein Land”
*11 Acorn Lane “Le Sexe Au Telephone” (Do Me Do mix)
*Marya Roxx “Tie Your Mother Down”, (Queen cover)
*Gangrene f/ Prodigy “Dump Truck”
*White Apple Tree “Snowflakes”
*Lou Reed & Metallica “Brandenburg Gate”
Fernthal f/ Petra Arnott “Candle In the Sun”
*M83 “Echoes Of Mine”
*Sister Sin f/ Doro Pesche “Rock ‘N Roll” (Motorhead cover)
*7Horse “Low Fuel Drug Run”
*Panamah “Blickket Op Ad”
*Stanley Tall “What A Bitch”
*Immortal Technique f/
Cornel West, Cetan Wanbi & Lockjaw Nakai “Sign Of The Times”
*Lore “Love Has Gone”
*Absolute Body Control “Figures”
*Lonehill Estate “Gangsta”
*Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Sunday Afternoons On Wisdom Ave.”
*Shirley Levi “Re-Bel”
*Bash The Band “(Hey Kitty Kitty)”
*Mind The Gap “Fall”
*Childish Gambino “Hold You Down”
*Southerly “Sacrifice”
*Blonde On Blonde “Oh My, Oh My”
*The Trophy Fire “Chaos/Control”
*Felix Gortz “Du Und Dich”