Lopsided World of L

We had a bit of “technical difficulties”. Seems the provider didn’t recognize my posts from Asia. But all is corrected now.

This week’s addition from Jonathan L is a little late but as solid as ever. Enjoy!

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L Hour 2)

*The Beauty Of Gemina “Seven-Day Wonder”, *Wiley “Can I Have A Taxi Please?”, *Shirley Levi “Cross The Line”, *The Misfits “Curse Of The Mummy’s Hand”, *Lana Del Ray “Radio”, *Potluck “Forbidden Love”, *Vlad In Tears “After All”, *Almah “Late Night In ’85”, *Mind.In.A.Box “Cause And Effect”, *The Blue Van “Fame & Glory”, *The Love Me Nots “He Doesn’t Share Well”, *Wiley “Immigration”, *Lost Reality “Discoboy”, *The Oz “Fire In The Brain”, *Girl In A Coma “Rubber Ring” (Smiths cover), *Joker “On My Mind” (Goldie remix), *JoanOvArc “Say Sayonara”, *Standing Shadows “Just A Part Of Me”, *DJ Shadow f/ Posdnous & Talib Kweli “Stay The Course”, *Elika “No One Gets Lost”, Frogg “Shut Tha F**k Down”, *Deborah Iyall “A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)” (2012 new version), One Model Nation “East Berlin”, *Gangrene “Vodka & Ayahusca”, *Aaron David Gleason “Be Your Fool”, *Gina And The Eastern Block “This Is F**king Rock ‘N’ Roll”, *The Love Me Nots “The Girl Lights Up”, *Fancy Space People “Pyramids (Shoots Golden Rays)”