Lopsided World of L

Columbus Day in America, Jonathan L from Berlin.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*Azure Ray “Scattered Like Leaves”
*Kraftwerk “Radioaktivit├Ąt” (1979)
*Attica 7 “Crackerman”
*My Glorious “You Should Be Dancing”
*Muse “Madness”
*Stratovarius “Coming Home” (live)
*JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK “Cherry Bomb” (1996 live w/ L7)
*Nox Interna “Pray” (replay)
*Dum Dum Girls “Lord Knows”
*The Heavy “Can’t Play Dead”
*The Heavy “Curse Me Good”
*Corb Lund “The Gothest Girl I Can”
*Schreiber-Rock “die Lust ist raus”
*Brother Ali “4th King” (produced by Jake One)
*Schmidt “Boom Boom”
*Brain Dead Symphony “You See Me Walk Away”
*The Wallflowers w/ Mick Jones “Reboot The Mission”(replay)
*Icon Of Coil “Perfect Sex”
*Paper Tongues “Amen” (replay)
*Dorrn “Stop Pushing Me Around”
*Kendra Morris “The Plunge”
*Claps “In My Dreams”
*Tony deKaro “Violina Magica”
*Mandasue Heller “All That Glitters (Final mastered version)
*Shy Around Strangers “It’s Alright”
*Ben Taylor “Oh Brother”
*Black Light Burns “Because Of You (Wes Borland/Limp Bizkit)