Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L is traveling and repeating last week’s show featuring new music from up and coming bands juxtaposed with a few familiar artists.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

Biffy Clyro “Bubbles” (Glasgow, Scotland)
The Alarm “Superchannel” (Wales)
*The Clocktower “Feel The Highs” (Wolverhampton)
Glasvegas “Shine Like Stars” (Glasgow, Scotland)
We The People “Hollow Thoughts” (replay) (Ireland)
Wire “Magic Bullet” (London)
Peyote “Shoot Me” (replay) (London)
*Silver Arm “He Of The Slow Creep” (London)
British Sea Power “Luna” (Brighton)
Manraze “Running Me Up” (London)
Mutant Vinyl “Lavender” (replay) (Liverpool)
*The Battles Of Winter “Where Did You Get..(London)
*Sir Paul McCartney “Looking At Her” (England)
Wideboy Generation “Typical Blonde” (replay) (Enfield)
Land Lovers “Vittima di Cucina” (replay) (Dublin)
The Black Delta Movement “MacBeth” (replay) (Hull)
*The Fratellis “Rock n Roll Will Break…” (Glasgow)
*John Lennon McCullagh “North South Divide” (Donacaster)
*Honey Bane “Ya Got Me All Wrong (Dressed)” (London)
*Dead Wolf Club “Metropolis” (London)
Travis “Mother” (Scotland)
*Ka tet “Shere Khan” (Galway, Ireland)
*The Whereabouts “In Spite Of All The Danger” (Cavan, IE)
Kooks “Fuck The World Off” (Brighton)
*The Strypes “Heart Of The City” (Nick Lowe) (Cavan, IE)
*Sulu Babylon “See It In Colour” (Goole, near Hull)
Kascarade “Notebook” (replay) (Bradford)
Frightened Rabbit “Wedding Gloves” (Selkirk, Scotland)
Watchtower “Under Your Thumb” (replay) (Liverpool)
*Katalina Kicks “She Goes Where” (London)
*The Crookes “Playdumb” (Sheffield)