Lopsided World of L

Another wonderful SHE show from Jonathan L.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

Joan Jett “Watersign” (New York)
*Strange Relations “Very White Teeth” (Minneapolis)
*Amy Lynn & The Gunshow “Dirty Mouth” (N.Y.C.)
*Nostalghia “Sunshiny Milk” (Los Angeles)
MØ “Maiden” (Odense, Denmark)
*Kate Tempest “Marshall Law” (South East London)
*Ruby/Leslie Rankine “Spin” (new mix) (Scotland)
*Babes “ATMO” (Los Angeles)
*Blues Pills “High Class Woman” (Sweden)
*Rökkurró “Killing Time” (Iceland)
*Jim Button “White Nights” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Tamara Bubble “Cut The Check”(a cappella) (Brooklyn)
*Jessica Lea Mayfield “I Wanna Love You” (Kent, Ohio)
*Puma Simone “UnConventional” (New Haven, CT)
Puma Simone “Congratulations” (New Haven, CT)
*Ummagma “Lama (Sounds of Sputnik mix) (Ukraine)
*Elliphant “Everything 4 U” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Suzanne Paris “Oliver” (Aspen, Colorado)
** EXCLUSIVE!** Inouwee “Lovers” (Copenhagen)
*Doro “Raise Your Fist* (French version) (Germany)
*Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun “Youth..” (Atlanta)
*Karol ConKá “Você Não Vai” (Brazil)
*The Shapes “The Dream Song” (Palermo, Italy)
*Genna Marabese “Lost For Words” (United Kingdom)
*Emma Russack “Get Back” (Melbourne, Austrlia)
*Mental Monky Ballet “Different” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Epica “Guilt Demeanor” (The Netherlands)
*Stumbleine f/ Violet Skies “Heroine” (London)
*Shirley Levi “Luv Is Lonely” (Acoustic live) (L.A.)
*Hella Donna “Gimme Lights, Camera, …” (Germany)
*Kina Grannis “Oh Father” (Los Angeles)