Vacation not quite over but expect some occasional postings. But as always our regular Monday podcast from Berlin from Jonathan L.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)

Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)

*The 2 Bears “Warm & Easy”
*Kids On Bridges “Y Don’t U”
*Riff Raff “Rev’d Up Ride On”
*Aesop Rock “Cycles To Gehenna”
*Schmidt “In The Photo Booth”
*Serj Tankian “Ching Chime”
*Arjen Lucassen “You Have Entered The Reality Zone”
*Modulate “Robots” (Soman Remix)
*Tramps In Stereo “Broke Within”
*Heimataerde “Wacht Auf”
Heimataerde “Al Naharot Bavel” (replay)
*Theophilus London “Last Night (LVRS Anthem)
*Saint Diablo “Watch Me Kill” (Spanish version)
*Caro Emerald “Back It Up”
*Life Down Here “F**’d Up”
*The Drowning Men “Lost In A Lullaby”
*The Real McKenzies “The Tempest”
*Paper Tongues “Amen”
*Riff Raff “We’re Only Here For Beer”
*Icky Blossoms “Heat Lightning”
*OfeliaDorme “Paranoid Park”

**The Duel “9:28 excerpt with music of
“Sound Track ToThe End Of This World” (Zak Splash Story)
with narration by Max Splodge)
*The Duel “You Can Do It “**

*Jukebox The Ghost “Adulthood”
*The Rebel Light “Goodbye Serenade”
*Serj Tankian “Figure It Out”
*Diablo Swing Orchestra “Aurora”


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