I’ve always admired Yoko Ono. Her music, her art, her spirit. John Lennon fell madly in love with her and understood that love was more important than the expectations that the world projected on him. She was his inspiration, his muse. We should all be so lucky to find such love. (Fortunately, I have.) Yoko phoned me one afternoon in the early 80s to discuss her new album. As the conversation turned to John I referred to him in the past tense. She gently and tenderly steered us into the present indicating that John was with us now and always will be. “Give Me Something” is a short minute and a half song by Yoko from Double Fantasy (released three weeks before Lennon’s murder). It has been remixed into a longer version by the Junior Boys and both can be heard here as the Song of the Day.

Give me Something by Yoko Ono


“Give Me Something”
“Give Me Something (Junior Boys Remix)”

Song of the Day

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