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Rick Berlin w/the Nickel & Dime Band

Rick Berlin is a Boston treasure.

From Orchestra Luna in 1974 to his current band Nickle & Dime, Rick has pushed musical boundaries with a prodigious volume of songs.

In his latest EP, 7 Songs, he takes us back to the golden days of punk rock at CBGB’s.

“Bowery Bums”

Ric Ocasek

Ric would wander down to the bowels of MIT where I was broadcasting the Demi-Monde (on WTBS, now WMBR), a show that would eventually be recognized as the 1st punk rock show in the country. He would play his music from his early Boston band Cap’N’Swing and later The Cars.

When The Cars held their record release party for the 1st album in some Boston hotel ballroom, Ric asked me to spin. He wanted punk rock sounds before and after the playing of the debut album.

He frequently bought me the test pressing of his albums to preview. We always joked that my favorites were always the last song on the album.

Perhaps in retrospect, more hits to come.

A fine, fine man.

All Mixed Up  (last song on the debut The Cars)[/vc_column_text]

Dangerous Type  (last song on Candy-O)


It’s coming upon Christmas and once again I will be broadcasting live for Christmas Eve with Oedipus.

This year I have been honored with a proclamation from the Mayor of Boston.

One song that you will be hearing on the Eve is by Saintseneca. This gorgeous song was released late last year just before Christmas and we feature it now.

The Wandering Star


In the era of the song, HUMANWINE, the dynamic Boston/New England duo, have released aether, a 4 album set!

Holly Brewer, the iconoclastic gregarious tribal-tattooed ethereal singer/songwriter, has one of those voices descended from the heavens in the company of Lisa Gerrard, Elizabeth Fraser and Bjork.

The reclusive M@ McNiss provides the accompaniment.

Self-produced and crowdfunded, aether is nothing short of a small masterpiece.

Released on a flash drive in a small bottle, the 40 songs are divided into four parts, four elements: terra, aqua, aer, ignis.

Although each element should be heard in its entirety, we will present 1 song from each album the next 4 days.

Beginning today with “Gyre” from aether: aqua.


Christmas Eve

My Christmas Eve Broadcast is tonight on WGBH, 89.7 FM in Boston and worldwide.

This is your alternative Christmas, music rarely or ever heard save once a year. (6 pm-Midnight)

Not exactly a Christmas song but it should be. From Human Sexual Response “Land of the Glass Pinecones”

Merry Christmas

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