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Dry Cleaning

The London art-rock quartet Dry Cleaning debut in April with the album New Long Leg.

Love the name and the music.

For a taste listen to “Scratchcard Lanyard” and “Strong Feelings”.

“Scratchcard Lanyard”

“Strong Feelings”

Hatis Noit

I’m off to wander Japan, so today’s artist is avant-garde Hatis Noit.

She hails from Hokkaido but now lives in London.

Her name from Japanese folklore means the stem of a lotus flower, connecting the living world of the flower and the spirit world of the root.

On her new EP, Illogical Dance, she collaborated with electronic duo Matmos.

Illogical Lullaby

Winter in Toronto

These two guys are from London but they call themselves Winter in Toronto.

This lovely song “Walking in the Air” is from the It’s Coming On Christmas album with all proceeds benefiting CoppaFeel!, a charity that champions breast cancer awareness, educating young people on the importance of checking their boobs regularly and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

“Walking in the Air”

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